October 1st 2019
Board 1

4441 hands aren’t nice to bid – or play! A good rule is: Open the suit below a red singleton and the middle suit with a black singleton. If partner bids your singleton then you rebid the cheapest 4-card suit (ostensibly showing 5/4) or bid no trumps at the appropriate level. 

On this hand West has a sound 1NT overcall with 16 pts and will probably be left to play there. This may drift one off due to the bad splits in the minor suits and South’s good spot cards. 

Board 11

Another 4-4-4-1 hand – open 1 Heart with a black suit singleton. (even though a poor suit). East responds 1 Spade and West jumps to 4C (splinter bid) showing a 5-loser hand and a singleton club. East shows the Ace of hearts and that means that West can bid 5NT where he asks for Kings having just one , west bids to 6S.

6 Spades makes when the diamond finesse holds as Easts losing club can be ruffed in the short hand.