Bridge for All Programmes

Bridge for All is the complete learn and play programme developed for the English Bridge Union and promoted through English Bridge Education and Development (EBED). This is based on the Standard English ACOL bidding system and is the nationally approved method of learning the game so that the student can progress from learner, through intermediate to expert.  The programme is taught by EBU qualified teachers.

Bridge for All for Beginners: Year 1

The Beginner's programme will run on a Tuesday evening, starting on September 17th 2018. Bridge For All Beginners Programme.  Students receive an initial complimentary 12 month membership of the English Bridge Union, which brings a range of membership benefits, including a welcome pack, a 15 month EBU diary and a magazine English Bridge, sent to members 6 times a year. Students are also given membership of Hexham Bridge Club.  Book One Beginning Bridge, a comprehensive guide to the year's bridge learning is an essential part of the programme, this can be purchased for £20.

Last updated : 20th May 2019 09:14 BST
Bridge for All for Improvers: Year 2

Unfortunately our Improvers Programme is full for September 2019.

Last updated : 20th May 2019 09:09 BST
Next Step Duplicate Year 3

Next Step Dulpicate is a friendly supervised duplicate session, ideal for novices wanting to improve their bridge by play.  

Last updated : 3rd Aug 2019 11:30 BST