Bridge for All

Bridge is a fascinating card game played by millions all over the world.  It is certainly challenging, improves the memory and skills of logic, but most of all it is enjoyable. Bridge is a game played by people from all walks of life, young and old.  It is also a sociable game - you can play at home or join our club where you meet new people in an environment where there are no social pressures. 



Bridge for All is a nationally approved teaching programme from the English Bridge Union.

No previous experience of bridge or even playing cards is required.

The teaching involves a structured programme of units. Each two-hour session starts with a short talk and some practical exercises, but at least half the time is devoted to actually playing bridge. This allows you to progress, guided by a teacher, from learner, through intermediate to expert, if you wish. You go as far as you want!   

The bidding system used is Standard English Acol which is recommended for all beginners.  Wherever you go, you will be able to play bridge - in clubs, on bridge holidays or with friends.

Latest News

New for September 'Next Step Duplicate'   Why not join our supervised play sessions.

18th September 2019
County Hotel, Hexham 7pm
24th September 2019
Next Step Duplicate
Queen Elizabeth High School 7pm
Director: Andy Pryor
Scorer: Alan Chapman
24th September 2019
County Hotel, Hexham 7pm
Next Step Duplicate
Director: Alan Chapman
Scorer: Ann Rooke