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Learning Bridge in Herts
Learning and Development

The Hertfordshire Bridge Association (HBA) encourages the playing of bridge throughout the county. It looks to encourage the learning of the game and also the enjoyment of the game by all its members.

We have 20 affiliated bridge clubs and several of these hold a combination of lessons and other activities to enable individuals to learn the game and also to migrate to become full members of clubs. A summary covering all clubs is shown below and full details of lessons are available on the Club Bridge Lessons page. 

The transition from being a student to participating in a bridge club session can be daunting and clubs take steps to ease this as much as possible.  Unfortunately, we hear from time to time of new players at a club not enjoying their first experience and this does of course result in their not returning.  The English Bridge Union (EBU) has a code of conduct (Best Behaviour at Bridge) which all our clubs enforce - but sometimes things do go wrong.   If you become aware of any instance of this please contact the club contact for that club shown on our website – or contact Alan Woof (HBA Membership Secretary) directly in confidence on either 07714 430650 or – and we will try and ensure that things are improved for the future.

Other ways to learn

There are many individuals who teach bridge. English Bridge Education and Development (EBED) who operate alongside EBU run training programs for teachers and also maintain a register of qualified teachers. The EBU home page on their website ( contains a link to enable individuals to find their nearest affiliated club and qualified teacher.

Bridge Clubs / Training in Hertfordshire

Contact details for all clubs can be found on the Clubs in Herts page.

Berkhamsted The club runs weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings. Visitors and new members are welcome, provided they have some experience of duplicate bridge.
Broxbourne The club runs two duplicate sessions a week on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings. New members are always welcome.
Friendly Friday, Hatfield Heath The club holds sessions on Friday evenings and is novice friendly. Originally started to introduce students to club play it remains popular with less competitive players. Once students have developed further many go on to play at Herts and Essex Bridge Club and other associated unaffiliated clubs. There is also a strong link to Hatfield Heath Bridge Club. Classes are held on Monday evenings. It is a two year programme with Beginners and Improvers running in alternate years. They are run by Penny Hassell.
Hadley Wood Association The club holds sessions on Friday evenings. The club has been running for 50 years and welcomes players with little experience to its sessions. Visitors in pairs are welcome any time but singles should give advance notice so a partner can be arranged.
Harlow Knights The club runs weekly sessions on Friday evenings.
Harpenden Duplicate The club runs beginner classes on Thursday afternoons between October and March. The club’s Friday afternoon session is also aimed specifically at new and less experienced players. The club runs Monday afternoon sessions which are devoted to post mortems of previous hands and specific topics. In addition the club runs club sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
Hatfield Heath The club holds weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings.
Hemel Hempstead The club holds weekly sessions on Monday evenings.
Herts & Essex The club holds weekly sessions on Tuesday afternoons.
Hitchin The club runs a course for beginners on Monday evenings between October and June. Once students complete the 12 month course they move to a three month period of supervised play, partnering wherever possible an existing club member. As a next step for newer players the club limits attendance at their Thursday evening sessions to less experienced players (Combined NGS less than 18). The club holds open regular weekly sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and also have a Teams event on the second Friday evening of every month.
Letchworth Heritage The club runs training sessions for improvers –with limited space for beginners – on Friday mornings. The club also holds weekly playing sessions on Monday afternoons.
Leverstock Green The club runs training sessions for beginners and improvers on Friday mornings. Once a level of knowledge is acquired the students play also in Thursday evening sessions. The club arranges for suitable mentors to partner the students and the relaxed atmosphere at the session fosters a learning environment with short post mortems at the end of each hand. Longer analysis and learning points can be taken back to the following Friday morning session. The club also holds weekly sessions on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings.
Lowewood The club holds weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings. There is a strong link between this club and Broxbourne Bridge Club.
New Hertford The club holds weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings. The club does not offer bridge classes but has links with Easy Bridge Hertford which provides teaching and a gentle introduction to duplicate bridge. See www.bridgewebs/easyhertford for details.
Royston The club holds weekly sessions on Thursday evenings.
Sobell, Northwood The club runs sessions for beginners (7th October - 23rd December 2019) and improvers (13th January – 16th March 2020) on Monday afternoons. The club also holds weekly sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons.
St Albans Duplicate The club holds weekly sessions on Monday evenings. The second Monday of each month is Swiss Teams and please contact the club if you would like to play. Other Mondays are Pairs and as the club operates a Duty Officer system there is no necessity to find a partner as you can just turn up and play.
Stevenage The club holds weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings.
Watford & Bushey The club runs beginner and improver courses. Beginners run on Thursday afternoons between October and April and from January 2020 there will be an additional course on Thursday evenings. Improvers run on Wednesday mornings between October and April. The club also runs supervised play sessions on Wednesday afternoons for which no partner is required. In addition to their normal club sessions on Tuesday and Friday evenings the club also runs a number of gentle and social duplicate sessions. A gentle duplicate session aimed at beginners and improvers runs on Monday mornings (no partner needed). Social duplicate sessions are run on Thursday mornings (no partner needed) and Tuesday evenings (partner needed).
Welwyn Garden City The club runs a range of courses and sessions. Separate Beginners and Improvers courses run on both Tuesday afternoons and evenings. There are also Next Step courses on Monday afternoons and Thursday evenings aimed for those players who have been playing duplicate for a year or more.
The club also runs supervised play sessions on alternate Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.
In addition to their normal club sessions which run throughout the week from Mondays to Fridays – both daytime and evenings - the club also runs Gentle Duplicate sessions aimed at less experienced players.