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HBA Committee Meeting

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Humble Cup

2019 winners:  Roy Button, Karima Basse, Francis Eddleston & Rick Irwin 

The Humble Cup is Hertfordshire's main teams-of-four championship. The winners are invited to represent the county in the Pachabo Cup.

Heats for the Humble Cup are held in clubs. The top 50% of teams in each heat qualify for the first knock-out day in January. Note that players can only play in one heat.

Everyone playing the knock-out rounds must have Hertfordshire as their county of primary allegiance. Non-Hertfordshire players may still qualify at a heat, but would then have to switch allegiance if they wanted to play in the knock-out rounds. Teams can have up to six members over the course of the competition. A player can join a team during the knock-out stages even if they played on a different team in a heat, but only one such player is allowed per team.


Humble Cup 2019-2020

This year's event is now down to the last two teams. The final is between the Davies and Rawlins teams.


For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at