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Congratulations to all those achieving new master point promotions. Click here.. to see the January list.

HBA Committee Meeting

Key points from the Committee Meeting of October 31st are available here..

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Club Directors - click here for useful information on training courses and updated flowcharts.

Youth - new handbook and safeguarding policies also applicable for vulnerable adults,

EBED are here to help you. 



EBED have completely updated all their safeguarding policies and recommend that counties, clubs, teachers and other bridge organisations adopt similar policies. These policies cover not only juniors under the age of 18 but also vulnerable adults. Everyone needs to be aware of their responsibilities in this area and how to act whenever they may face a potential issue. Richard Banbury is our Child Protection Officer, and is able to provide further advice on this as well as organising DBS checks for volunteers who may need such a check. 

They have produced a new Youth Handbook as a guide for county organisations who may feel daunted or uncertain as to how to get a junior bridge club up and running at a local school. EBED can not only provide general advice and put you in touch with a network of other junior bridge enthusiasts, but also to fund the supply of the basic equipment needed. Please take the chance to find out more about this and also our Junior Award Scheme on

Twice a year they arrange for junior bridge players to visit the House of Lords for a tour of the buildings and some Minibridge/bridge.