Eccles Cup

2018 winners: Harpenden Duplicate Bridge Club

An inter-club competition for teams of eight, restricted to players whose NGS grade is Jack or below. The total NGS grade of a team must be at most 80 (counting Jack as 11). All players must be members of the club they are representing.

Note that the eligibility rules have changed for the 2019 competition: NGS grades are now used rather than Master Point ranks.


Eccles Cup 2019

When: 7:30pm on Friday 15th November 2019
Where: Bennetts End Community Centre, Hemel Hempstead HP3 9LZ
Cost: £24 per team
Eligibility: See rules below.
Format: Approximately 24 boards will be played, with matchpoint scoring. The room is split into two sections, with each team having a N/S and an E/W pair in each section, so that four separate ranking lists are produced. The winning team is the one whose top three pairs are ranked highest within their sections.
How to enter: Clubs can enter their teams using our online entry form: 


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Each player's NGS grade must be Jack or below, and the total grade of the players on the team must be at most 80 (counting a Jack as 11). All players must have a public NGS grade.

Eligibility will be checked on the date of entry. If a team meets the requirements on the date of entry then they will be eligible for the competition even if some players' grades have increased by the time of the event.


For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at