Release 2.19n

Congratulations to all those achieving new master point promotions. Click here.. to see the June list.

HBA Committee Meeting

Key points from the Committee Meeting of January 27th are available here..

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Club Directors - click here for useful information on training courses and updated flowcharts.

Youth - new handbook and safeguarding policies also applicable for vulnerable adults,

EBED are here to help you. 

Eccles Cup

2019 winners: Watford and Bushey Bridge Club (Jim Blair, Maureen Ashman, Richard Hannaby, Carole Morley, Susan Mount, Maxine Cartz, Chris Pratt & Ros Campbell)

An inter-club competition for teams of eight, restricted to players whose NGS grade is Jack or below. The total NGS grade of a team must be at most 80 (counting Jack as 11). All players must be members of the club they are representing.

Note that the eligibility rules have changed for the 2019 competition: NGS grades are now used rather than Master Point ranks.


For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at