Humble Plate

2019 winners: Saroj & Alan Ellis, Bernard & Margaret Eddleston

A single-session multiple teams event, held during the second session of the Humble Cup first knockout day.

Teams eliminated in the first session of the Humble Cup knockouts get automatic entry into the Plate. However teams may also enter the Plate directly at a cost of £12 per team, irrespective of whether they played in a club heat of the Humble Cup.


Humble Plate 2020

When: 3:45pm on Sunday 5th January 2020
Where: Jersey Farm Community Centre, St Albans AL4 9RG
Cost: £12 per team
How to enter: Click the button below if you are not taking part in the Humble Cup knock-out and wish to enter directly into the Plate.


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For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at