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Charity for 2019-20 Season

Having raised the sum of £1280.68 we received the following note of Thanks from Vicky Flynn at HERTS YOUNG HOMELESS

"Apologies for my delayed reply, my finance officer was off towards the end of last week and was just waiting on some confirmation that your donation arrived. Very pleased to say that it now has!
Thank you so much! In normal circumstances, I would send a thank you card but as you know we are in strange times and working from home means I don’t have access to our cards.
Instead, I would just like to reiterate how grateful we are for your support. Your contribution will help us to make a fantastic impact in the lives of the young people we work with."

To learn more about this charity see the attached link :

Congratulations to all those achieving new master point promotions. Click here.. to see the July list.

HBA Committee Meeting

Key points from the Committee Meeting of January 27th are available here..

Do you want to learn/improve your bridge - click here.

Club Directors - click here for useful information on training courses and updated flowcharts.

Youth - new handbook and safeguarding policies also applicable for vulnerable adults,

EBED are here to help you. 

Seniors Teams

2019 winners: Alan Hudson, David Arrighi, Mike Minting & Nigel Walsh

A two-session multiple teams event open to players aged 62 or over, or who will turn 62 during the calendar year. Note that in line with the EBU's rules, the age requirement is gradually being increased to 65 over the coming few years.


Seniors Teams 2020-2021

The Seniors Teams is normally held in the autumn. However, because of the difficulty in holding multiple teams events online, the Seniors events for the 2020-2021 season will be switched, so that the event held in September is the Seniors Pairs. We hope that it will be possible to hold the Seniors Teams in the spring of 2021.


For more information contact the Tournament Secretary at