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15th May 2023 12:24 BST
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Updated COVID advice (May 2022)

Aware of the removal of legal requirements, 
we have amended our practice and
recommendations (see the link above)
to help limit the risk of spreading virus
within the club. It's your decision
after all, you and those around you.

In view of the nationalrise in hospital
admissions and deaths,
in line with Governrnent requirements,
we will continue to review our practice.

COVID - Playing conditions
  1. Face masks are adviseable
  2. Hand sanitisers will be placed on each table 
  3. Doors and windows will be open where reasonable
  4. Boards will be shuffled and dealt at the end of the last round for the following week. 
  5. The kitchen will be open but please bring your own crockery if you prefer it to the recyclable mugs we provide