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COVID - Playing conditions
  1. Face masks will be optional, compulsory full vaccination will be mandatory. 
  2. Hand sanitisers will be placed on each table - please bring your own if you have one
  3. Doors and windows will be open where reasonable (bring warm clothes). 
  4. Bidding boxes will stay with players during session, please bring your own if you have them. 
  5. At the end of session tables will be stored by committee members, chairs by the caretaker. 
  6. Hosting to be suspended, contact Shirley for partners on 01403 710 261 or mobile 0754 5246 779 or email giving her as much time as possible. 
  7. Boards will be shuffled and dealt before play by committee members only. 
  8. North only to move boards where necessary. 
  9. The kitchen will be open but please bring your own crockery if you prefer it to the recyclable mugs we provide
  10. A trial period and will be free of charge up to and including 30th November 
  11. HDBS needs at least 5 tables to be enjoyable and to remain viable, fewer can only end in closure. So please encourage others, including guests, to attend as well as yourselves.
  12. Players are asked not to arrive before 1:45 pm, so that we have time to get ready.