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Welcome to Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society
New Members

Over the last six weeks we welcome new members

Peter Browning3
Steve Wadman1 Maurice Daniels1 & Mark Ryan1
Roger Gill0
to our growing membership.
Why not come and join them and get your name in print?

We are delighted to see a growing membership and table numbers
as a result the club remain open, we'll see you there wink

Table money will be charged from Thursday 2nd December
See 'where and when' by clicking the link on
the Information key left hand menu.

We will to continue to provide consumables and receptacles free of charge
If you bring your own glasses OR use those in the hall kitchen make sure you wash them properly afterwards


COVID warnings
We are of course aware of the rapidly growing numbers of cases and
STRONGLY ADVISE that masks are worn while using the hall 
and that the sanitisers provided are used after each round.
Windows remain open (despite the weather) and
tables are set as far apart as is practicable




01403 710261 or mobile 07545 246 779 or
giving her as much time as possible to find your 'other half'. 


 COVID-19 protection, GDPR statement
and full playing conditions can be accessed from the keys on the menu


Geoff Jewson

I would like to say a big thank you to the Committee
and all club members for the kind messages of support
and for the very generous donation sent on
Geoff's behalf to Parkinsons.
All much appreciated.

Give Mike a Hand

We are grateful to Mike Whittaker (Ex-AVBC) who will be analysing a hand of particular interest from the previous month
unless you send him any hands for consideration from HDBS, Mike will choose a hand of his own
which illustrates the points he wants to explain.

Mike is an ex-Scottish Junior Pairs Champion, and British University Teams Champion;
the authour of two books on Acol bidding and co-developer of Blue Chip Bridge  (
so he knows a bit about what to do!

We hope you enjoy his monthly article.


Henfield Duplicate Bridge Society - Please email Shirley Price
Sussex County Contract Bridge Assoc.
English Bridge Union
The Henfield Hall

Not long now...

sad BUT we are sad
CLOSED on 30th December

This website is updated on a regular
basis, please look out for any changes.

(The most recent update is shown on the bottom left of this screen)

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