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Sunday 23rd February 1-30 pm

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AGM Minutes 2012



Minutes of 53rd AGM held on Thursday 21 June 2012 at 7:10 p.m.


            Attendance     38 members


1          Apologies for Absence   
Bob & Margaret Ainsworth, David Blasebalk, Sue Fleming, David & Margaret Goodwin,
Paul & Fiona Littlewood, Paula Morton, Sita Piggott, Anne Short, Jean Walters, Cynthia Wheatley,


2          Minutes of Last Meeting    

Copies had been available on the website for quite a while and these were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Brenda Baldock and seconded by Derek peers. .


3          Matters Arising    
Last year’s accounts had been audited, without any adverse comment by the Auditor.


4          Chairman’s Report   

David Stimson reported that during the past year we have continued to run Duplicate Bridge nights on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (including Bank Holiday Mondays).  All evenings use duplimated boards and David again thanked David Blasebalk for running the Duplimate machine.

 The club’s membership had remained constant, and the average number of tables per week increased slightly over last year and is now only marginally down on five years ago. Thursday evenings are marginally down on last year, but this was more than offset by an increase in members attending Tuesday evenings.

The Christmas party was held on the first Thursday of December after last years trial, and we had the same turnout.  Susie organised the food with herself, the committee members and Pat Henry bringing specific items. We received good comments about the food, so many thanks to all those who contributed. Again we managed to hold the ticket price at £9 - good value for food and wine plus the hire of the hall.

At this years AGM we are putting forward a change to the Club’s Constitution. The EBU and the Herts Bridge Association are recommending that all clubs have a proper Disciplinary Procedure. Without one, a club could put itself at risk (albeit small) of being sued for “defamation of character” if it should ever dismiss a member. We have taken the proposed Disciplinary Procedure and adapted it to suit Hemel Hempstead Bridge Club. We will have to amend the Constitution to incorporate this procedure.

Finally, David thanked all those who have served on the Committee: Cliff Short, Paula Morton, Helen Robinson, Susie Bond, David Blasebalk, Tim Cooper and Pat Jacobs.

He also thanked Derek Gowlett for organising Tuesday’s Bridge; all our Directors; Roger Edmonds for the web site; Anne Short as our membership secretary; Margaret Goodwin for acquiring our provisions and Cynthia Wheatley for bringing the milk each week.

5          Treasurer’s Report

Cliff Short reported that the accounts were straightforward this year, with no surprises.  Income and expenditure were in line with forecasts and a surplus of £773 resulted.  This expected surplus will dwindle in years to come as Pay-to-Play fees and Hall hire charges rise. 

Notable savings from last year occurred because competition prizes were no longer offered, and the club had not purchased any more tables nor sent any Directors on courses.  Bank interest was down on last year, as interest on our Savings Bond was not payable until July 2012, and would be shown in next year’s accounts.  The Committee planned to keep Subscriptions and Table money the same as last year. 

The accounts were in the process of being audited by Brian Carroll.  It was proposed by Roger Edmonds and seconded by Helen Robinson that the meeting should accept the Accounts as presented, subject to that audit.  The Proposal was accepted unanimously. 

5A        Appointment of Auditor
Brian Carroll was proposed as Auditor for the coming year by Susie Bond, seconded by John Jackson, and approved by the meeting. 


6          Proposed Amended Constitution and New Disciplinary Procedures

David Stimson answered several questions from the floor regarding the new Disciplinary Procedures laid down in the Amended Constitution.   It was explained that the Procedures were modelled on those proposed by Herts Bridge Association and the English Bridge Union.  Their purpose was to protect the Club and its officials from the possibility of legal action from any disciplined member or former member. 


Other minor changes to the wording of the Constitution had been made at the same time, to bring it into line with current practice and terminology. 

The Committee’s proposal and recommendation to accept the new Constitution was carried unanimously. 

          Any Other Business.
None was raised.



8          Election of Officers and Committee


Proposed Chairman:      David Stimson.


Proposed Treasurer:      Cliff Short.


Helen Robinson was standing down from the Committee. 
Lesley Peers had agreed to join the Committee and was willing to take on Helen’s role of Competitions Secretary.


Other committee members who had agreed to serve for 2012 / 2013 were :
David Blasebalk, Pat Jacobs, Susie Bond, Paula Morton and Tim Cooper. 

It was proposed from the floor by Mike Hudson, and seconded by Julie Snell, that the existing Chairman (DS), Treasurer (CS) and Committee Members (DB, PJ, SB, PM, LP and TC) should be re-elected en bloc. This proposal was carried
unanimously, and those listed above were duly elected to serve for the coming year. 


Tim Cooper thanked the chairman for all his hard work on behalf of the Club and its members, and this was loudly applauded.

Susie Bond thanked the whole Committee for ensuring that the Club runs so well. 



9          Presentation of Prizes by Lesley Peers


TUESDAY TROPHY                              Cathy Croft & Tom Hume

CHAIRMAN’S CUP                                Lesley & Derek Peers

SMITH CUP                                           Rachel Barlow & Sue Fleming

HOBSON BOWL                                    Susie Bond & John Wareham; David Stimson & Roger Edmonds

FELDENWOOD TROPHY                     
Julie Snell & Alan Hudson;
(Joint winners)                                       Pat Jacobs & Roger Edmonds

SUTCLIFFE PLATE                                Fiona & Paul Littlewood; David Stimson & John Wareham


TUESDAY BOWL                                  Jonathon Harris & Barry Moule


BYRON CUP                                         Jackie Davies & Gary Conrad; Colin Sanders & Tim Cooper


HUDSON SALVER                                Roger Edmonds & Colin Sanders

CARPENTER CUP (Married Couple)       Derek & Lesley Peers


TONY WEATHERLEY (Monday Ladder)              Derek Peers


TUESDAY TANKARD (Tuesday Ladder)             Patrick McIntyre

WENDY COTTON (Thursday Ladder)                  Roger Edmonds

NEAL VASE                                                      Derek Peers

HEMMINGS INDIVIDUAL                                   Clive Walters

JANET FITZGERALD TROPHY                           Carole Morley & John Pelley