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19th Nov 2019 10:00 GMT
Club Flyer

In order to advertise the club more widely we have prepared a club flyer. If you know of places local (shops, library, supermarkets etc) where there is a public notice board we can advertise on please print the A4 flyer or A5 flyer (prints 2 x A5 on A4 paper) and take it along.

TD Schedule



01-Apr Monday Neil Mackay 01-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 03-Jun Monday Headley Moses
02-Apr Tuesday Adam Fraise 03-May Friday Neil Mackay 04-Jun Tuesday Chris Hall
03-Apr Wednesday Headley Moses 06-May Monday Neil Mackay 05-Jun Wednesday Robin Field
05-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 07-May Tuesday Adam Fraise 07-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
08-Apr Monday Linda Stocks 08-May Wednesday Robin Field 10-Jun Monday Neil Mackay
09-Apr Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 10-May Friday Neil Mackay 11-Jun Tuesday Adam Fraise
10-Apr Wednesday Robin Field 13-May Monday Annabel Hampson 12-Jun Wednesday Sandra Squires
12-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 14-May Tuesday Chris Hall 14-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
15-Apr Monday Headley Moses 15-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 17-Jun Monday Linda Stocks
16-Apr Tuesday Adam Fraise 17-May Friday Neil Mackay 18-Jun Tuesday Chris Hall
17-Apr Wednesday Sandra Squires 20-May Monday Linda Stocks 19-Jun Wednesday Headley Moses
19-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 21-May Tuesday TBA 21-Jun Friday TBA
22-Apr Monday Annabel Hampson 22-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 24-Jun Monday Annabel Hampson
23-Apr Tuesday Headley Moses 24-May Friday Neil Mackay 25-Jun Tuesday Headley Moses
24-Apr Wednesday Headley Moses 27-May Monday Neil Mackay 26-Jun Wednesday Headley Moses
26-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 28-May Tuesday Chris Hall 28-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
29-Apr Monday Linda Stocks 29-May Wednesday Headley Moses
30-Apr Tuesday Chris Hall 31-May Friday Neil Mackay


01-Jul Monday Neil Mackay 02-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 02-Sep Monday Neil Mackay
02-Jul Tuesday Adam Fraise 05-Aug Monday Annabel Hampson 03-Sep Tuesday Adam Fraise
03-Jul Wednesday Headley Moses 06-Aug Tuesday Chris Hall 04-Sep Wednesday Headley Moses
05-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 07-Aug Wednesday Sandra Squires 06-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
08-Jul Monday Linda Stocks 09-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 09-Sep Monday Headley Moses
09-Jul Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 12-Aug Monday Linda Stocks 10-Sep Tuesday Andrew Gilmour
10-Jul Wednesday Robin Field 13-Aug Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 11-Sep Wednesday Robin Field
12-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 14-Aug Wednesday Sandra Squires 13-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
15-Jul Monday Headley Moses 16-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 16-Sep Monday Annabel Hampson
16-Jul Tuesday Adam Fraise 19-Aug Monday Headley Moses 17-Sep Tuesday Chris Hall
17-Jul Wednesday Sandra Squires 20-Aug Tuesday Adam Fraise 18-Sep Wednesday Headley Moses
19-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 21-Aug Wednesday Headley Moses 20-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
22-Jul Monday Annabel Hampson 23-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 23-Sep Monday Linda Stocks
23-Jul Tuesday Headley Moses 26-Aug Monday Sandra Squires 24-Sep Tuesday Adam Fraise
24-Jul Wednesday Headley Moses 27-Aug Tuesday Chris Hall 25-Sep Wednesday Robin Field
26-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 28-Aug Wednesday Robin Field 27-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
29-Jul Monday Linda Stocks 30-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 30-Sep Monday Neil Mackay
30-Jul Tuesday Chris Hall
31-Jul Wednesday Robin Field



01-Oct Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 01-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 02-Dec Monday Headley Moses
02-Oct Wednesday Headley Moses 04-Nov Monday Neil Mackay 03-Dec Tuesday Chris Hall
04-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 05-Nov Tuesday Adam Fraise 04-Dec Wednesday Robin Field
07-Oct Monday Linda Stocks 06-Nov Wednesday Robin Field 06-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
08-Oct Tuesday Adam Fraise 08-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 09-Dec Monday Annabel Hampson
09-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 11-Nov Monday Annabel Hampson 10-Dec Tuesday Adam Fraise
11-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 12-Nov Tuesday Chris Hall 11-Dec Wednesday Headley Moses
14-Oct Monday Headley Moses 13-Nov Wednesday Headley Moses 13-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
15-Oct Tuesday Chris Hall 15-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 16-Dec Monday Linda Stocks
16-Oct Wednesday Headley Moses 18-Nov Monday Linda Stocks 17-Dec Tuesday Andrew Gilmour
18-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 19-Nov Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 18-Dec Wednesday Headley Moses
21-Oct Monday Neil Mackay 20-Nov Wednesday Robin Field 20-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
22-Oct Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 22-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 23-Dec Monday Neil Mackay
23-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 25-Nov Monday Neil Mackay 24-Dec Tuesday N/A
25-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 26-Nov Tuesday Adam Fraise 25-Dec Wednesday N/A
28-Oct Monday Neil Mackay 27-Nov Wednesday Headley Moses 27-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
29-Oct Tuesday Headley Moses 29-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 30-Dec Monday Neil Mackay
30-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 31-Dec Tuesday N/A