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8th Aug 2019 17:35 BST
Bridge Lessons

If you have never played bridge but would like to learn we will be starting bridge lessons at the club for complete beginners on Friday 6 September. To register your interest please send us an email  (click here) with your details and we will get back to you with further details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Club Flyer

In order to advertise the club more widely we have prepared a club flyer. If you know of places local (shops, library, supermarkets etc) where there is a public notice board we can advertise on please print the A4 flyer or A5 flyer (prints 2 x A5 on A4 paper) and take it along.

TD Schedule



01-Apr Monday Neil Mackay 01-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 03-Jun Monday Headley Moses
02-Apr Tuesday Adam Fraise 03-May Friday Neil Mackay 04-Jun Tuesday Chris Hall
03-Apr Wednesday Headley Moses 06-May Monday Neil Mackay 05-Jun Wednesday Robin Field
05-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 07-May Tuesday Adam Fraise 07-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
08-Apr Monday Linda Stocks 08-May Wednesday Robin Field 10-Jun Monday Neil Mackay
09-Apr Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 10-May Friday Neil Mackay 11-Jun Tuesday Adam Fraise
10-Apr Wednesday Robin Field 13-May Monday Annabel Hampson 12-Jun Wednesday Sandra Squires
12-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 14-May Tuesday Chris Hall 14-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
15-Apr Monday Headley Moses 15-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 17-Jun Monday Linda Stocks
16-Apr Tuesday Adam Fraise 17-May Friday Neil Mackay 18-Jun Tuesday Chris Hall
17-Apr Wednesday Sandra Squires 20-May Monday Linda Stocks 19-Jun Wednesday Headley Moses
19-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 21-May Tuesday TBA 21-Jun Friday TBA
22-Apr Monday Annabel Hampson 22-May Wednesday Sandra Squires 24-Jun Monday Annabel Hampson
23-Apr Tuesday Headley Moses 24-May Friday Neil Mackay 25-Jun Tuesday Headley Moses
24-Apr Wednesday Headley Moses 27-May Monday Neil Mackay 26-Jun Wednesday Headley Moses
26-Apr Friday Neil Mackay 28-May Tuesday Chris Hall 28-Jun Friday Neil Mackay
29-Apr Monday Linda Stocks 29-May Wednesday Headley Moses
30-Apr Tuesday Chris Hall 31-May Friday Neil Mackay


01-Jul Monday Neil Mackay 02-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 02-Sep Monday Neil Mackay
02-Jul Tuesday Adam Fraise 05-Aug Monday Annabel Hampson 03-Sep Tuesday Adam Fraise
03-Jul Wednesday Headley Moses 06-Aug Tuesday Chris Hall 04-Sep Wednesday Headley Moses
05-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 07-Aug Wednesday Sandra Squires 06-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
08-Jul Monday Linda Stocks 09-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 09-Sep Monday Headley Moses
09-Jul Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 12-Aug Monday Linda Stocks 10-Sep Tuesday Andrew Gilmour
10-Jul Wednesday Robin Field 13-Aug Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 11-Sep Wednesday Robin Field
12-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 14-Aug Wednesday Sandra Squires 13-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
15-Jul Monday Headley Moses 16-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 16-Sep Monday Annabel Hampson
16-Jul Tuesday Adam Fraise 19-Aug Monday Headley Moses 17-Sep Tuesday Chris Hall
17-Jul Wednesday Sandra Squires 20-Aug Tuesday Adam Fraise 18-Sep Wednesday Headley Moses
19-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 21-Aug Wednesday Headley Moses 20-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
22-Jul Monday Annabel Hampson 23-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 23-Sep Monday Linda Stocks
23-Jul Tuesday Headley Moses 26-Aug Monday Sandra Squires 24-Sep Tuesday Adam Fraise
24-Jul Wednesday Headley Moses 27-Aug Tuesday Chris Hall 25-Sep Wednesday Robin Field
26-Jul Friday Neil Mackay 28-Aug Wednesday Robin Field 27-Sep Friday Neil Mackay
29-Jul Monday Linda Stocks 30-Aug Friday Neil Mackay 30-Sep Monday Neil Mackay
30-Jul Tuesday Chris Hall
31-Jul Wednesday Robin Field



01-Oct Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 01-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 02-Dec Monday Headley Moses
02-Oct Wednesday Headley Moses 04-Nov Monday Neil Mackay 03-Dec Tuesday Chris Hall
04-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 05-Nov Tuesday Adam Fraise 04-Dec Wednesday Robin Field
07-Oct Monday Linda Stocks 06-Nov Wednesday Robin Field 06-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
08-Oct Tuesday Adam Fraise 08-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 09-Dec Monday Annabel Hampson
09-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 11-Nov Monday Annabel Hampson 10-Dec Tuesday Adam Fraise
11-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 12-Nov Tuesday Chris Hall 11-Dec Wednesday Headley Moses
14-Oct Monday Headley Moses 13-Nov Wednesday Headley Moses 13-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
15-Oct Tuesday Chris Hall 15-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 16-Dec Monday Linda Stocks
16-Oct Wednesday Headley Moses 18-Nov Monday Linda Stocks 17-Dec Tuesday Andrew Gilmour
18-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 19-Nov Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 18-Dec Wednesday Headley Moses
21-Oct Monday Neil Mackay 20-Nov Wednesday Robin Field 20-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
22-Oct Tuesday Andrew Gilmour 22-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 23-Dec Monday Neil Mackay
23-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 25-Nov Monday Neil Mackay 24-Dec Tuesday N/A
25-Oct Friday Neil Mackay 26-Nov Tuesday Adam Fraise 25-Dec Wednesday N/A
28-Oct Monday Neil Mackay 27-Nov Wednesday Headley Moses 27-Dec Friday Neil Mackay
29-Oct Tuesday Headley Moses 29-Nov Friday Neil Mackay 30-Dec Monday Neil Mackay
30-Oct Wednesday Robin Field 31-Dec Tuesday N/A