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8th Aug 2019 17:35 BST
Bridge Lessons

If you have never played bridge but would like to learn we will be starting bridge lessons at the club for complete beginners on Friday 6 September. To register your interest please send us an email  (click here) with your details and we will get back to you with further details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Club Flyer

In order to advertise the club more widely we have prepared a club flyer. If you know of places local (shops, library, supermarkets etc) where there is a public notice board we can advertise on please print the A4 flyer or A5 flyer (prints 2 x A5 on A4 paper) and take it along.

Dealing Signup
Dealing Boards
Now that we have had our cupboards refurbished and the dealing machine is stored in them, it is time to set up a rota for dealing boards. Will all those who expressed an initial interest in helping out please remind me who they are and I will draw up a rota.

What is involved?

Dealing a set of 32 boards once your are familiar with the equipment takes 10 to 15 minutes. However with setting up the equipment you should allow 30 minutes for one set of boards and should arrive in plenty of time to do that. I would rota people in pairs as splitting the work can speed up the process. Ideally we should aim to deal a set of boards a week in advance of their use - in other words if your are dealing a set of boards before the Monday session then they are for the following Monday's session. Any problems encountered won't delay the start of the current session.

Alternatively you may opt to deal a weeks worth of boards (3 sessions) at home. Just take the next 3 sets of boards to be dealt and equipment home and return them the following week. (remember we don't have access to the hall outside our agreed hours)

Please let me know which sessions you regularly attend and which location for dealing you prefer using the form below