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Play Problem 019
Play Problem 019 contributed by Graham Broadbent

This is a hand from the Semi-final of the Pottage Cup, played at Romsey on Sunday 1 April.
(Note from Web Admin - Graham & Dinos qualified for the final, see News page.) 

You are the dealer, East, both sides are vulnerable and you pick up

KQJ1073  12  KQ82   Do you open 1 spade?

Now the focus turns to West, whose hand is
A86   AJ   A10753  A76

Partner had opened and you hold a 17 count with the priceless addition of all four aces, do you drive on to slam?

The two hands:

♠ A 8 6


A 10 7 5 3

♣ A 7 6

♠ K Q J 10 7 3


J 2

♣ K Q 8 2

Can you make 6 spades on a small heart lead?