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Play Problem 022
Play Problem 022 submitted by Graham Broadbent



This hand was board 9 in the duplicate at Emsworth on Tuesday 5th February.


You are West with the following hand: ♠ KQ73  ♥ J1086  ♦ KQ6  ♣ 96

The auction so far:



















The bidding sounds suspect and you decide to double, which becomes the final contract. Are you up to finding the killing lead?


Contract 6NT doubled, what do you lead from:  ♠ KQ73  ♥ J1086  ♦ KQ6  ♣ 96


Decide before reading on








Solution To Problem 22

The full deal

Contract 6 NT doubled


West to lead:                                         




♠ J984

♥ 53

♦ 4

♣ KQJ1032


♠ KQ73

♥ J1086

♦ KQ6

♣ 96


♠ 1052

♥ K74

♦ 7532

♣ 874


♠ A6

♥ AQ92

♦ AJ1098

♣ A5



At the table West chose ♦ K, which made it very easy for declarer, and was roundly castigated by her partner. But when challenged he couldn’t come up with a winning lead either, suggesting a top spade.

Declarer can take that and lead his low spade back towards ♠ J, West will rise with her other top spade, but declarer wins any return, unblocks the clubs and enters dummy with ♣ 5. Cashes ♠ J pinning East’s ♠ 10 wins another spade trick, cashes all his club winners discarding diamonds and low hearts and returns to hand via the heart finesse.

Three spade tricks, two hearts, Ace of diamonds and six clubs.


A heart is no better; declarer wins the lead and starts cashing his club winners. West has to find four discards and has now become the guardian of 3 suits. She must eventually set herself up to be end played.


The only relatively safe opening is a low club and even then West must count declarer’s discards carefully and guard the appropriate suits to avoid giving up the contract.