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Play Problem 013
Play Problem 013 - Unlucky for Some - contributed by Graham Broadbent

This is Board 2 from Thursday 9 December Simultaneous, which the commentary in the booklet distributed after the event suggests should be played in six spades by South.

After a weak two in hearts from West and a natural 3 clubs from West, I duly ended up in 6S sitting South, but failed to find the winning line. Looking at the frequencies on the Ecats web site I was not alone. Even double dummy it's far from obvious.


The Solution

Ruff the opening club lead, return to dummy with a top trump. Ruff a second club and again return via a trump. Now draw the last trump, leaving the eight card ending below:

Vul: N/S


A J 7 5 2

K 4




J 7

Q 10 8 7 5 4

No 2


K Q 10 8

Q 9 8 3


9 4

A 10 6 5 2


East is now squeezed on the play of the Ace of clubs, having no safe discard.

If he discards a diamond declarer throws a small heart from hand, cashes the top diamonds ending in hand and exits with the 2 of diamonds. East wins, but can only return a heart to the ace. Declarer now ruffs a heart with the last trump and claims the 6 and 5 of diamonds as his last two tricks!

If, however East discards a heart, declarer pitches a small diamond from hand and simply exits by leading a small heart towards the nine. East wins but must then lead away from:

♥KQ8 ♦Q983

Whichever card he leads gives declarer his twelfth trick!