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Play Problem 016
Play Problem 016 - contributed by Graham Broadbent

This was board 6 on Thursday 3 November's duplicate and the last board of the evening at our table.   There was some spirited bidding and a very nice example of card reading from my partner!

First the auction:

Board 6
East Dealer, E/W vulnerable

East        South        West       North

1            1              2           3!!

6!!         ???

Sitting South and holding ♠ 1064 KQJ752 10 ♣ 743 what action, if any, do you take?

I reasoned that East held a minor two suiter and from my point of view was odds on to make his slam.  Partner seemed sure to be short in Clubs, I had only one Diamond loser, once the ace was knocked out my hearts would produce a source of tricks and my ♠ 1064 looked like gold dust opposite partnerís strong bid in spades.   At worst we rated to lose one trick in each suit for 3 off in 6 Spades and minus 500 looked to score well against their presumed vulnerable slam in Clubs,
so I bid 6 Spades.

The final auction:

East         South      West     North
             1          2       3

6             6         Pass     Pass

Double      Pass        Pass      Pass

East led the ace of Hearts and I faced my dummy. This is what partner saw. Can you make 6 Spades doubled?

♠ AKJ932



♣ none

♠ 1064



♣ 743