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Play Problems are contributed by our members
Play Problem 001 - contributed by Graham Broadbent

Playing multiple teams, you are playing South

Hearing Pass, Pass, 1 Diamond* you started with a simple 1 Spade overcall and the auction continued to 4S although your partner's single raise didn't look very encouraging.  But it's teams so the jump to game is automatic.

Against your 4 Spade contract, West leads a small Diamond and partner tables a modest dummy.  Having bid the game can you make it for your team?   

*  11 to 15 points, at least two diamonds


The Answer

Take the Ace of Diamonds, cross to dummy by leading the 9 to the 10 and ruff the remaining Diamond in hand. Draw the last 2 trumps and exit with a low Heart from each hand. Whichever defender wins must return a Heart or open up the Clubs for you.

Now take the Heart Ace and exit with your last heart. Whichever defender wins is end played, forced to give a ruff and a discard in Diamonds or open up the Clubs for only one loser.

The full deal:

Lead - 3 Diamonds