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The 2020 AGM has been postponed.

However, the Chairman's Report and the year end accounts can be found in the Notice Board under the Members Area.




The Club is currently closed.

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Host available on rubber bridge evenings
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Reopening of the Club


The Committee met this morning to discuss the latest situation.

Despite there being no legal restrictions to reopening the Club it was unanimously agreed that, due to the uncertainties surrounding the pathway of the pandemic and the impossibility of being able to guarantee the safety of the members in the environment of the Community Centre, the Club would not open before the beginning of September.

We will meet again towards the end of August to review the matter.



Information about Sue Humphrey's funeral and memorial celebration

An email from Sue's daughter sent to key contacts:

I wanted to let you know that we will be holding a funeral service at The Oaks Crematorium, Havant on Monday 19th July at 4pm. Due to the ongoing COVID situation and following advice from the crematorium, we have decided to have a service for direct family only. I know that this will be disappointing for some of you who would like to come and pay your respects to Mum but I’m sure you will understand that Mum had lots of friends and family, so in the current circumstances it would be difficult to accommodate everyone.

Please see below the log in details for a webcast of the service, if you would like to join us. We are also planning to hold a celebration of Mum’s life at lunchtime on Wednesday 15th September at Hayling Island Sailing Club and we would love as many of you as would like to to join us then, when hopefully life will have returned to more like normal.

I would be grateful if you could please share these details with your contacts who knew Mum. Please let me know if you have any questions - I will send out more details of the celebration of Mum’s life once they are confirmed.

I also just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the lovely words, messages and cards that you have sent - they have been a great comfort and it has been good to hear what you thought of her. Also, thank you for the friendship and companionship that you gave to Mum, I know that she very much enjoyed all the activities she did and all the friendships that she had and that these made a huge contribution to her living her life to the full and enjoying it right up to the end. Please raise a glass to Mum on Monday and remember her when you next do the the activities that you enjoyed with her! She was a ‘force of nature’ and she died on her own terms, in exactly the same way as she lived her life.

Kind Regards,

Lizzie Fewings

(Sue Humphrey’s daughter)

Service order for
Susan Humphrey

Service Date

19-Jul-21 at 4:00

Service Chapel

Chapel - The Oaks Havant







Live Webcast & Watch Again

You can login to our website at any time to view a test connection (and we strongly recommend you do this) but you'll only be able to view the Live Webcast approx. 5 mins before the service start time. Please be aware this is a public building and the timing of the Live webcast is semi-automated to allow for services running early or late – please use your discretion if you can see activities not applicable to the service you are here to watch. Once the service has finished, it will take us up to 3 working days to get the 28-day Watch Again onto the website.


The 17th June meeting has been postponed due to the delay in restrictions being lifted. The club should be able to open up pretty quickly once we know we can comply with the government and HICCA's policies.

Philippa 21/06/21



Your Committee met on Zoom last week to discuss the restarting of club bridge. We agreed to meet again on 17th June when we would have more information about restrictions being lifted on 21st June. We also need to comply with HICCA's Covid policy before we can consider returning to the tables.

Philippa 25/05/21



The latest advice from the EBU about club bridge:

Early Pointers about Restarting Live Bridge

March 12, 2021

The Government has produced a roadmap for easing out of lockdown and we present a few points of information from it here, to be supplemented once matters develop or become clearer.

  • Community Centres and similar venues might be allowed to re-open from April 12th;
  • However, as this does not allow any mixing of households indoors it will not be possible to meet as a Bridge Club at that point;
  • The current expectation is that it will be June 21 (at the soonest) before all legal limits on indoor mixing will be lifted;
  • The Government ‘roadmap’ indicates that there might be a ‘new normal’ even in the summer which will require some risk mitigations;
  • The detail of any such necessary mitigations will be dictated by Government restrictions and recommendations, all yet to be made public, and local conditions;
  • Being realistic, Bridge Clubs are unlikely to be able to restart face-to-face games of the sort they ran until a year ago, before the summer of 2021;
  • We are planning not to start running our face-to-face EBU tournaments until the Summer Meeting at Eastbourne in August, after which we will be working to return to our regular programme of face-to-face events as much as possible, although some competitions may well continue to be online.
Online Bridge

We have sucessfully played a number of F2F Online Club Sessions at Bridge Club Live.  We play 16 boards which currently takes about 2 hours. We might even improve on this time as players get more experienced.  We would love to see others join us.


Terry has kindly drafted an email with more information.


For those who have trialed the free access to BCL, we hope you have enjoyed the experience.  For those who are still deciding whether to participate in the free trial we encourage you to do so, the introductory details are on the HIBC website.  We hope to get enough of our members interested in BCL in order to create the virtual HIBC so that we can continue to play bridge together, albeit not in person.

In order to set up the virtual HIBC, we need to have a minimum of 3 tables playing each week. We expect BCL to allow us to set up the club during September. Details as follows :-

*  The weekly session does not have to be on a Thursday evening, it can be during the day for example. We will issue a questionnaire for those who are interested, in order to determine the most popular time/day to play.

*  HIBC will pay the required £100 set up fee, and after (say) 6 sessions we will review the number of participants and then ask them to contribute to the £100 outlay.  This is fair to the HIBC members who are not planning to participate.

*  Everyone who joins will be required to become a member of BCL, this will entail each  accessing the BCL website and arranging to pay a monthly fee of £10 or an annual fee of £72.  

Please let Philippa know as soon as you can by email, whether or not you are interested, we hope that we can get 12+ players to take advantage of this opportunity.




For more information and a generous free 50 day Trial, specifically for VALID EBU members, click here.

Membership of BCL starts from as little as £6 + VAT per month (annual membership) or £10 + VAT on a monthly basis. There will be a small charge for P2P etc but you will have to supply your own biscuits!


Online Bridge

Opportunities for Competitive Online Bridge

From Mike Kinsey (HIWCBA Chief Tournament Director)


Petersfield Bridge Club are running a laid-back Pairs on Friday afternoons.

We know there are a number of local clubs who may have insufficient active on-line members to run their own on-line events.  

So we will be making these semi-open events.

That is, you will only be able to play if I have your BBO alias.

I have these for PBC Members and Improvers, but we will welcome members of local clubs, friends, family, etc.

If you or your members would like to play please register your name and BBO alias on the PBC website.  

(Or send me a list by e-mail)

Start time 14:00 

18 Boards


BB$3 registration

You will need to register for the event on BBO after noon on Friday.

Log-in, select 'Virtual Clubs', 'EBU - England' and PBC Afternoon should be in the pending list. Select title (not host) to register.

(NB The host will be VEBU204878)

EBU Logo
Newsletter 18
May 2020
Romsey is virtually back!

In reality Romsey hasn't been anywhere, but now you can enjoy most of the thrill and experience of an afternoon event at the Crosfield Hall from the comfort of your own home.

Mike Kinsey our Chief TD has successfully trialled running pairs events on BBO and will be setting up regular events.
When better than the traditional 14:00 start on a Sunday.
The first event will be held this coming Sunday 10th May.

To enter please use the usual entry form on the website here: be sure to provide your BBO aliases.

Most unfortuately we have not yet found a way of providing one of Anns' plated teas virtually, so you will need to make your own!
Any questions or queries please
 e-mail Mike Kinsey,

Details of other online events will be made available on the County website here








Bridge Club Live

PRESS RELEASE - 16th March, 2020

(updated 20 March)


BridgeClubLive is adding ClubCentric facilities for F2F players whose clubs are closed and wish to play online.

  • Until 31st March, Face2Face club bridge players who wish to continue playing bridge can do so online at BridgeClubLive at a special introductory rate of just £1 for 30 days.
  • Club Secretaries are now invited to Register their Club so their members can then add their Club affiliation to their Profile. Members can then continue playing as if in their club with their regular partner from the comfort of their own home.
  • The Main DIDO (DropinDropout) Tournament Room provides an automated movement to any partnership with a minimum commitment to 4 boards at each sitting. 96 boards are available throughout every day, and all players who complete 16 or more boards will appear on the next day's Leader Board. All boards are fully archived, and can be replayed at any time and compared with all others who have played the same board.
  • BCL has a code of ethics covering politeness and fair play which is actively enforced.
  • As a CLUB FACILITY, a dedicated Ladder for each registered club will list the results for all those club members as a subset of the overall DIDO Tournament result. Each Club will have it's own single Web page with information, specific to that club and a list of players' ALIAS's who have registered online.
  • All the other regular tournament rooms including a social room are also available and additional features and improvements geared towards each club will be rolled out according to demand and feasability.


  1. To benefit from the CLUB facilities, each club member, must be a full member of BCL. There are many incentives to join right now.
  2. Go to the "CLUBS" page which is visible from the Main Menu page of BCL under "Members->Clubs". There you will see your other club members listed by ALIAS
  3. Play at any time of day or night in the DIDO room, and see your results specific to your partnership and other club members on the "CLUB" page.
  4. When online, you can now press a new 'LOCAL CLUB' button, and see just those members of your local club and whether they are online or playing or just waiting for a game.



Duplicate Bridge played every Thursday evening in a competitive yet friendly manner. EBU Affiliated.Visitors and new members welcome but please phone the Chairman or Vice Chairman first, click for contact details Committee

There is a host system operating on rubber bridge evenings. If you don't have a partner, just turn up.

If you need a partner for Duplicate Bridge click here or phone Philippa, contact details under Committee page.

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