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Bridge Classes

Do you want to learn to play bridge?  Contact Us, and a certified bridge teacher will talk with you about our programs.  See additional information in the Bridge Education menu item (upper left corner.

HBC will start two free Bridge Basics 1 (Bridge for Beginners) courses when the club re-opens following the current public health crisis. The planned start dates for these classes are In September 2021. Registration for these courses is open - see the flyer below for registration details.

BB1 Sept.pdf

Bridge Pearls to Master

Bridge Pearls to "Master" workshops will be held from 9:00 - 11:30 AM on the second Friday each month, except for summer vacation in July & August and over the December holidays. The next Pearls workshops is TBD pending the club re-opening post COVID-19. Check this space in the future for more details.  


Welcome to Harrisburg Bridge Club
Upcoming Game Schedule

♠ Extra point games are shown below in red  

HBC will open for Face 2 Face Bridge on July 5th. See the Message from the President below for details. The following virtual club games will be available this week on BBO (all $7):

Here's the schedule during the period June 21 - 27 for the South Central PA virtual bridge club on Bridge Base Online (BBO). 

Monday June 21 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM; open pairs at 6:30 PM; and 0-100 pairs at 6:40 PM 

Tuesday June 22 - 0-200 pairs at 12:10 PM; open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-1000 pairs at 12:30 PM; 0-1500 pairs at 6:30 PM; and 0-300 pairs at 6:40 PM 

Wednesday June 23 - 0-300 pairs at 10:05 AM; open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM; open pairs at 6:30 PM; and 0-750 pairs at 6:40 PM 

Thursday June 24 - 0-100 pairs at 12:10 PM; open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-750 pairs at 12:30 PM; 0-300 pairs at 6:20 PM; open pairs at 6:30 PM; and 0-1500 pairs at 6:40 PM

Friday June 25 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; and 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM

Saturday June 26 - open pairs at 11:15 AM; and 0-500 pairs at 11:25 AM

Sunday June 27 - 0-1500 pairs at 1:10 PM; open pairs at 1:20 PM; and 0-300 pairs at 1:30 PM

Helpful hints for Bridgebase Online

Click here South Central PA Bridge online.pdf  for helpful information on how to play online.

ACBL has a number of video tutorials on how to play online, which can be found here: ACBL BBO tutorials

And here's a link to another site offering tutorials on Bridge Base Online: Help & Everything BBO

Need help with finding a partner? Click here BBO Partnership Desk.pdf for a list of our members with their BBO screen names and e-mail addresses. The list is NOT sorted alphabetically, but if you use the search function on your computer (Ctrl+f) you can type in the name you are looking to find.

Message from HBC President Jim Boyer

Hi, everyone. 

I’ve missed seeing you all at the Harrisburg Bridge Club as we’ve been forced to suspend operations for the past 15 months due to the pandemic. Some of you have enjoyed playing on BBO in our South Central PA virtual club games, while others are anxious to resume playing face-to-face (F2F) bridge so you can once again sit at a bridge table with your friends. 

The HBC Board met on Thursday and WE ARE REOPENING for F2F bridge on July 5th! The virtual club games will also continue to be available.  

The Board of Governors wants to assure you that the HBC is doing all it can to promote your health and safety when you return to play bridge at the Club. Some simple rules:

1.     All players and volunteers who are fully vaccinated must provide proof of vaccination the first time you enter the Club so we can record your vaccination status in our database. Please bring your vaccination card or a photocopy of it on your cell phone. Masks for all fully vaccinated players are optional, although good practice if immunocompromised or at risk for colds, flu, or any other infectious illness.

2.     Persons who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated, or who do not provide proof of vaccination, must wear face masks at all times while in the Club.  Masks will be provided if you don’t have one.

3.     Please do not come to the club if you have a cough, fever, or another symptom of an infectious illness. 

4.     The HBC does not accept responsibility if you get sick while playing bridge.

5.     Hand sanitizer will be available on the tables for your use.

6.     The Club will offer coffee and tea and some prepackaged candy and snacks for free. Cold bottled water and sodas will be available, at a cost of one dollar. 

 The club will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by a professional contractor before we open.  

The initial schedule of virtual and F2F games has been developed and will be continually scrutinized to ensure it meets our needs. Here's a link to the combined F2F and Virtual Game Schedule.

HBC Virtual Schedule.xlsx

The initial F2F games will be held on Monday July 5th (note: games will be free during the week of July 5th, and will cost $5 for the remainder of July): 

1. All games for the first two weeks of July will be NAP Qualifiers (Double Points, Half Red/Half Black)

2. The Monday through Thursday afternoon games will start at 12:30 vs. 12:15.

3. We will resume our popular Tuesday evening 0-1500 game at 7:00 PM on July 6th. Note that the upper point limit will now be 1500 - mentors above 1500 points will no longer be eligible.

4. We will also resume our Monday evening beginner’s game at 6:30 PM on July 12th, but this game will now be 0-200. The plan is to begin offering refresher training for less experienced beginners later in the summer, with the intent to start a 0-50 or 0-20 game on Monday evenings after that training commences.

5. We plan to offer an evening Swiss teams game in late July, with specifics still being ironed out.

6. Once we assess the impact of this initial schedule, we will make accommodations to best support our membership.  

Important - since we need to test out our equipment before resuming regular games, we will hold a test game on Thursday June 24th at 9:00 AM. This game will be a NAP Qualifier (Double Points, Half Red/Half Black), will be free to all participants, and will complete in plenty of time for you to get home to play in the Thursday afternoon virtual club game if you want. No signups are required - you can either show up with a partner or come by yourself and we’ll pair you up with another player  

We’re looking forwarding to once again playing the game we all love F2F with our friends, and hope you’ll be able to join us as we resume operations.

                                                              Jim Boyer

                                                                    President, HBC

New Rank Achievements

Silver Life Master

     Midge Sobolewski 

Support The Longest Day
Support The Longest Day

A portion of the entry fee for our Club games played on BBO on Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20 will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association. In addition to the regularly scheduled games on those days, there will be a special game on Saturday evening - 0-1500 at 6:20 pm; Open at 6:30 p.m.; and 0-300 at 6:40 p..m.

The Alzheimer's Association works every day to:

Provide care and support to all those affected by Alzheimer's and other dementia through education, support groups and more.

Advance research towards methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure.

Advocate for the needs and rights of people facing Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

Want to do more? You can support our club's Fundraising Team by going here: The Longest Day and making your  tax-deductible donation. Prefer to write a check? Make it payable to The Alzheimer's Association and mail it to the Harrisburg Bridge Club, 349 N. 21st St., Camp Hill, PA 17011.

Thursday Open Afternoon
Director: David Charleston
Thursday Evening Limited
Director: James Boyer
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Director: Jim Boyer