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Bridge Classes

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The Longest Day for Alzheimers
The Longest Day for Alzheimers

On Tuesday, June 18 Harrisburg Bridge Club hosted an ice cream social for both the afternoon and evening bridge games. Participants were able to choose the toppings of their choice complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top! Proceeds of over $700 from both games will be going to the ACBL's Longest Day for Alzheimers. Many thanks to Bridget Whitley pictured above left, for organizing our Longest Day Event, and Linda Ivanoff pictured above right, for handling the ice cream sundae duties! Yum Yum! Donations to Alzheimers will still be accepted by the club.   

New Rank Achievements

As per the latest information received from the ACBL, we'd like to congratulate the following HBC club members for attaining new ACBL ranks:

Sectional Master (50 MPs) - Harold Cramer & Gordon Myers
Regional Master (100 MPs) - John Maynard
NABC Master (200 MPs) - Jimmie Groves & Barb Vander Jagt
Advanced NABC Master (300 MPs) - Kurt Meyer, Patti Worrall & Scott Worrall
Life Master - (300/500 MPs) - Nancy Hershey
Bronze Life Master  (500/750 MPs) - Nancy Hershey
Silver Life Master (1000 MPs) - Gail Bishop
Gold Life Master (2500 MPs) - Vernon Hester

Note: some of these categories also require a specific number of gold, red, or silver MPs in addition to total points. Life/Bronze Life Master point requirements are dependent on when the member joined the ACBL.  


Welcome to Harrisburg Bridge Club
Upcoming Game Schedule

Notes: Both the afternoon and evening games on Tuesday June 18th are ACBL Longest Day events, and we will donate all table fees collected from those games to the Alzheimer's Association. In addition, we will offer free make your own ice cream sundaes during the afternoon game that day. Several games this week are NAP Qualifiers (NAPQ), meaning they will award both red and black points. Due to the structure of NAPQ games, the point limits on some of our regularly scheduled games may be modified. Please check the schedule below.

Here is the complete game schedule at HBC for the upcoming week ($8 table fee unless otherwise noted): 

* Monday June 17th - open pairs at 12:30 PM (NAPQ); and 0-500 NLM (NAPQ) and 0-50 pairs at 6:30 PM (mini-lesson at 5:45)  
* Tuesday June 18th - open pairs at 12:30 PM; and 0-1500 pairs at 6:30 PM (Both afternoon and evening games are special Longest Day events)
* Wednesday June 19th - 0-500 NLM pairs (NAPQ) at 12:30 PM  (mini lesson at 11:45); non-competitive & instructor assisted bridge play for beginners at 12:30 PM ($2); and open & 0-750 Swiss teams at 6:30 PM ($10; food at 5:45; advance registration required)
* Thursday June 20th - open pairs at 12:30 PM (NAPQ)
* Friday June 21st - 0-2500 pairs (NAPQ) at 12:30 PM  

Saturday June 22nd -  non-competitive & instructor assisted bridge play for beginners at 9:30 AM ($2)


May Swiss Social Mixer Winners
May Swiss Social Mixer Winners

Thursday, May 30 Harrisburg Bridge Club held it's Swiss Social Mixer. A yummy dinner of chicken and side dishes and desserts were brought by the participants. There were a total of 8 Swiss teams competing and pictured above are the winners. They are from left to right Barb Vander Jagt, Jacqueline Granite, and Marcia Strittmatter. Not pictured is the last member of the team Mike Zeller. Cheers and congratulations to them!

Current COVID-19 Protocols (June 2023)

Effective 1 June 2023, vaccination for COVID-19 is no longer required to play bridge at HBC. Face masks are not required, although masks are still recommended for participants who are at high risk for severe illness. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer will still be available at the club. In consideration of your fellow club members, we ask that you monitor your health and avoid coming to the club if you are ill.


Fight Alzheimer's!
Fight Alzheimer's!


Click HERE to donate! Thank you for supporting our Team.

HBC Newest Life Master
HBC Newest Life Master

Harrisburg Bridge Club's newest Life Master is pictured above, Nancy Hershey from Lititz. Congratulations to Nancy on a job well done!



Friday Afternoon 0-2500 pairs
Director: Andre St OmerRoy
Thursday Afternoon Open pairs
Director: Robert Priest
Wednesday Afternoon 0-500 NLM pairs
Director: Timothy LeVan