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Memorial Contributions

Virginia Sue Burtnett Obituary

Memorial contributions to our Mortgage Reduction Fund in memory of our dearly departed members (or in honor of your favorite partner or teacher) are always welcome. Mail or deliver checks to Harrisburg Bridge Club, 349 N. 21st Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

Welcome to Harrisburg Bridge Club
Upcoming Game Schedule

♠ Extra point games are shown below in red  

In accordance with recent federal & state mandates regarding the current public health crisis, HBC will be closed until further notice. We will keep you informed as events develop. The following virtual club games will be available on BBO (all $7, except as noted):

Here's the schedule during the period May 25 to May 31 for the South Central PA virtual bridge club on Bridge Base Online (BBO):

Monday May 25 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM; and 0-100 pairs at 6:40 PM ($6)

Tuesday May 26 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-750 pairs at 12:30 PM; and 0-1500 pairs at 6:40 PM

Wednesday May 27 - 0-100 pairs at 10:05 AM ($6); open pairs at 12:20 PM; and 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM

Thursday May 28 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; 0-500 pairs at 12:30 PM; and open pairs at 6:40 PM

Friday May 29 - open pairs at 12:20 PM; and 0-750 pairs at 12:30 PM

Saturday May 30 - open pairs at 11:15 AM; and 0-500 pairs at 11:25 AM

Need help with finding a partner? Click here BBO Partnership Desk.pdf for a list of our members with their BBO screen names and e-mail addresses.


During the week of May 25-31, all  of our virtual online games on BridgeBase Online will pay triple silver points! Entry fees will be increased by $1 - All games other than 0-100 will cost $7 and consist of 21 boards; the two 0-100 games will cost $6 for 18 boards.

Helpful hints for Bridgebase Online

Click here South Central PA Bridge online.pdf  for helpful information on how to play online.

ACBL has a number of video tutorials on how to play online, which can be found here: ACBL BBO tutorials

And here's a link to another site offering tutorials on Bridge Base Online: Help & Everything BBO

Message from HBC President Jim Boyer

     I hope this note finds all of you well. I thought it would be a good idea to update all of you on what I know of the status of Bridge in general and the Harrisburg Bridge Club specifically. The ACBL has been particularly cautious, canceling all tournament events through July. We intend to continue to monitor ACBL, Pennsylvania, Cumberland County, and Camp Hill Borough policy related to the requirements to be met to reopen HBC for face-to-face play at the Club. We will always err on the side of caution and make the choice we need to in order to keep all of you safe. Based on what we learn, we may have to create new policies related to cleanliness and sanitation for those who attend games at the Club. For example, we MAY do the following:

·        * Make hand sanitizer and wipes readily available and require their use at the tables.

·        * Require the use of Face Masks.

·        * Request that you maintain “Social Distancing” as much as possible when you are away from the table.

·        * Suspend providing food at those events where we have done so in the past (Swiss, Brunch and Bridge, Continental Bridge, etc.). We will still run these games!

·        *Possibly other approaches as we learn more.

·       * Before we again begin to play at the Club, we will have the Club completely “Deep Cleaned”, Disinfected, and Sanitized.

How Are The Finances?

As Members you have a right to know the financial status of the Club so you have some assurance that it will be there when all of this is over. While the suspension of In-Club play has certainly put a “Dent” in our finances, we have taken steps to reduce our outlays by suspending our trash and cleaning contracts and keeping our thermostat at maintenance levels to reduce our utility bills. As many of you know, we are receiving income through the Virtual Club offered through Bridge Base Online. While the amounts we are seeing are nowhere near what we would see if the Club were open, it appears to be enough to cover a reasonable portion of our monthly costs. If you haven’t tried joining the Online Games, I encourage you to do so. It is not as hard as you might think and there are people in the Club ready to help you get started. Simply contact me if you are interested.

Are we still going to be here? Yes! Due to your support of games at the Club over past years, we have managed to build a healthy reserve that we are confident will get us through this. When we DO reopen, we fully intend to coordinate with the other five clubs in the South Central PA online consortium in deciding how long to stay together as an online club so that we can all open simultaneously when the time is right.

The Longest Day
The Longest Day

Our planned fundraising games benefitting the Alzheimer's Association will not be taking place at the Club, due to the current public health restrictions. But we'll still be raising funds to support the cause! Sanction fees from our online games on Saturday June 20 (open at 11:15 am; 0-500 at 11:25 am) will be donated by the ACBL to the Alzheimer's Association. Want to contribute more? Visit our fundraising page here Harrisburg Bridge Club Alzheimer's Association Fundraiser to make a secure online donation by credit card or PayPal or to print out a donation form for mailing contributions by checks.  Thank you for your support!

Bridge Classes

Do you want to learn to play bridge?  Contact Us, and a certified bridge teacher will talk with you about our programs.  See additional information in the Bridge Education menu item (upper left corner.

HBC will start two free Bridge Basics 1 (Bridge for Beginners) courses when the club re-opens following the current public health crisis. The start dates for these classes are TBD. Registration for these courses remains open - see the flyer below for registration details.

BB1 2020.pdf

Bridge Pearls to Master

Bridge Pearls to "Master" workshops will be held from 9:00 - 11:30 AM on the second Friday each month, except for summer vacation in July & August and over the December holidays. The next Pearls workshops is TBD pending the club re-opening post COVID-19. Check this space in the future for more details.  

Also, the tentative Pearls schedule for the remainder of 2020 is listed in the following flyer:

2020 Pearls Schedule.pdf


Thursday Open Afternoon
Director: David Charleston
Thursday Evening Limited
0-300 Grass Roots Fund Game ($9)
Director: James Boyer
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Director: Jim Boyer