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The Members Area allows you to find contact details (phone, email address) for all of the other club members. 

To access it, select 'Membership' then 'Members Area' from the left hand menu or simply Click here....  You can then log in using your email address or your EBU number or your name [ you only need one of these, not all three!].

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Eccles Cup
Eccles Cup

Congratulations to Jane Rawling & David Ramsbottom, Richard Strickland & Chris Hedges, Gill Hardy & Bernie Rolfe, Dave Tookey & Rodger White for winning the Eccles Cup, just pipping Hitchin & Hemel Hempstead who tied for scond place.  The event was help on November 16th at the Hemel Bridge Club. 

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Duty Officer & Directors Rota - Mondays
Directors & Duty Officers Rota - Mondays
Date Event Duty Officer Director Scorer
03-Jun-19 Duplicate Pairs Wendy Holmes Richard Last Dave Tookey
10-Jun-19 Duplicate Pairs Chris Hedges Roger Senior Ian Nicoll
17-Jun-19 Duplicate Pairs Gill Hardy Ken Barnett Richard Last
24-Jun-19 Duplicate Pairs Wendy Hadjipourou Ian Nicoll Dave Tookey
01-Jul-19 Duplicate Pairs Jane Spreull Rodger White Roger Senior
08-Jul-19 Duplicate Pairs John Hopkins Richard Last Ian Nicoll
15-Jul-19 Duplicate Pairs Diana Brimblecombe Ken Barnett Roger Senior
22-Jul-19 EBU Summer Sims - Ian Nicoll Dave Tookey
29-Jul-19 Duplicate Pairs - Roger Senior Dave Tookey
05-Aug-19 Duplicate Pairs Jill Horn Dave Tookey Ian Nicoll
12-Aug-19 Duplicate Pairs Bonnie Williams Richard Last Dave Tookey
19-Aug-19 Duplicate Pairs Lew Hughes Ken Barnett Roger Senior
26-Aug-19 Duplicate Pairs Colin Harris Roger Senior Richard Last
02-Sep-19 Duplicate Pairs Gill Burn Rodger White Ian Nicoll
09-Sep-19 Duplicate Pairs Inger Cooper Ian Nicoll Richard Last
16-Sep-19 Duplicate Pairs Linda Brooks Richard Last Roger Senior
23-Sep-19 Autumn Teams (Humble Cup) - Ken Barnett Dave Tookey
30-Sep-19 Duplicate Pairs Judith Walters Roger Senior Ian Nicoll
07-Oct-19 EBU Autumn Sims - Ian Nicoll Richard Last
14-Oct-19 Duplicate Pairs Julie Brett Dave Tookey Roger Senior
21-Oct-19 HBA Championship Pairs - Richard Last Dave Tookey
28-Oct-19 Duplicate Pairs Cliff Phythian Ken Barnett Ian Nicoll
04-Nov-19 Duplicate Pairs Pam Waterfall Roger Senior Richard Last
11-Nov-19 Duplicate Pairs Sheila Rider Ian Nicoll Roger Senior
18-Nov-19 Duplicate Pairs Shirley Brooke Rodger White Dave Tookey
25-Nov-19 Duplicate Pairs Steven Kidd Richard Last Ian Nicoll
02-Dec-19 Duplicate Pairs Tim Potter Ken Barnett Richard Last
09-Dec-19 Christmas Party - Richard Last Roger Senior
16-Dec-19 Duplicate Pairs Tom Walters Ian Nicoll Dave Tookey
23-Dec-19 Duplicate Pairs Geoff Horn Dave Tookey Ian Nicoll
30-Dec-19 Duplicate Pairs Chris Quartly Roger Senior Richard Last
The Duty Officer is responsible for collecting Table Money in the Treasurer's absence and should remind the person on duty the following week of their commitment. 
Please make your own arrangements to swap with another member if you cannot make your scheduled evening. 
Tournament Directors should arrive early enough to open up for play to commence at 7.30 p.m. The Tournament Director is responsible for making sure the premises are left secure with all doors and all windows closed and locked at the end of the session. 
All players in heats must be participants in that event and pay the entrance fee. Only members of the HBA/EBU may take part in the later stage of an event. Except for the Marjorie Lukyn Charity Cup, no-one may play in more than one heat.