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EBU forum for Tournament Directors

Following the recent change in the Laws, the EBU have set up an online forum for TDs -  this is open to everyone whether a qualified director or not. It may be found at https://www.ebu.co.uk/forum

To log in for the first time

If you click on a restricted page you will be taken to a login window with a [Forgotten Password] button. You should enter your email address and click [Forgotten Password]. If this is a valid address (i.e. registered with the Club), you will be sent a pre-assigned password. Please then re-enter your email address in the login window, and the password, and click the [Logon] button. You can use the [Account] Tab to change the password to one of your own choice.

News Page
BBO user names for Fridays Online
BBO name First name Second name
Angiebrox  Angie Heini
arthouse Jill Mumford
AtwoB  Amanda  Barnes 
Beanboo Jean Loveday
Bobsyd Bob Parker
Caaj Eddie Cirket
Castle1944 Michael Shine
cinnamong Suman  Rai
Denver 53 Denver Gorman
DerekP22 Derek Piercy
djl571 David Langridge
EXD Ed Devine
foxtdelta Paul Young
Foxylola Catherine Fox
Froststa1 Stan Frost
geoffhv Geoff Vowles
Gilllittle Gill  Little
GoonerGirl Sheila  Evans
Greymalkin Fiona Langridge
Hazeee Hazel  Fricker
hazel888 Hazel  Miles
hero42 Bob Hepworth
Hiamoo Hilary Jinno
JohnFW  John  Warder
JulesLit Jules Little
kaycalling Kay Vowles
LizJD Liz Jordan
MarionAnna Marion  Birch
maryjw Mary  Wilkinson
MHW11 Mark  Wadsworth
micksept49  Michael Howarth
N17UDE Alan Deeley
Nannyjan Jan Hepworth
Parndon David  Carter
PennyHass Penny  Hassell
petebrewer Pete Brewster
pierotti Stephen Carter
Roysieboy Roy Young
SallyBu Sally Burnay
samulti Ian Kemp
sara114 Sara Barnett
SheilaFitz Sheila  Fitzpatrick
Snorih  John  Hirons 
Squoggles Adrienne  Tinn
SueBrox Sue Devine
tclulow Tony Clulow
teofilw Luigi Wiechula 
tonimay56 Antoinette  Howarth
WildGarlic John Birch
Programme for 2020-21

Please note the programme is currently suspended and will be re-formatted in due course

The programme for 2020-21 starting in April 2020 can be found here Programme 2020-21.pdf . We have broadly followed the format of previous years. However please note there are 2 teams nights (April and May) which fall on bank holidays, and so for these two months the teams will be played on the third, rather than second, Friday of the month. 

Following the popularity of the Handicap Teams introduced in 2019/20, we are introducing another prize for less experienced pairs. The Club's Championship Pairs (a 2 session event in September) will comprise not just the usual 'all-comers' competition, but also have a prize for the highest placed pair who have a combined NGS rating of 18 or less, neither player to be higher than 10. The winners of the 'all-comers' will not be eligible for this prize, irrespective of their NGS ratings.    

We hope you will enjoy the programme. If you have any suggestions for more or different competitions, please discuss them with anyone on the Committee.

Subscriptions and table money for 2020/21 will remain unchanged at £10 p.a. and £3 table money (£4 for visitors). 

AGMs 2019 and 2020

We held our 2019 AGM on 31st May - thank you to all who attended. The draft minutes are available here HK AGM 2019 draft minutes.doc. We are unable to hold a 'normal' AGM this year because of Covid 19. We will keep the situation under review.

Our approach to convention cards

Unlike at EBU tournaments, convention cards are not compulsory at Harlow Knights Bridge Club.  Most partnerships play Acol or a similar natural bidding system.  However, you are required to have at least one convention card displayed if:

(a) you use any complex conventions at EBU Level 3 or Level 4, such as the Multicoloured 2D opening;

(b) you play a Strong Club or other system with artificial one-level opening bids.

Although you do not need a convention card if playing standard Acol (and also Benji and weak twos), it is a courtesy to opponents to have one available, especially if you are playing variants such as five-card majors or a strong no-trump. It can also help you if questions arise about the meaning of a bid or play.

We aim to be a friendly club and welcome both more and less experienced players.  Please do bear this in mind both when giving and requesting explanations, and aim to give as much detail as will be helpful to your opponents.

BridgeTabs scoring hardware
BridgeTabs  scoring hardware

The club has invested in a new scoring system called BridgeTabs. This uses hand-held tablets, one for each table, which interface with our scoring software. Like Bridgemates, only bigger, better and in colour!

We are now using them for all club evenings.