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Sunday Teams Format

The Sunday Teams Season starts at the end of October and concludes at the beginning of March. There are 7 matches in the season and matches are played approximately 1 match every 3 weeks (but with a longer break for Christmas).

Sunday Teams are played by a team of 4 pairs, each pair plays together for the whole match. Sunday Teams are played approximately in the same way that pairs are played; the main difference is that the scores from each of the 4 pairs are combined to give a single team score before being converted into International Match Points (IMPs).

Matches start at 2pm, first there are 2 rounds of 8 boards which take approximately 2 hours, then there is a break of approximately half an hour. After the break, there are a further 2 rounds of 8 boards which take approximately another 2 hours. The matches end at around 6.30pm, additional time is required for travelling to and from away matches. There are usually either 4 home and 3 away matches or 3 home and 4 away matches.

To cover the cost of travel expenses’ and the buffet, players pay £5 each table money.

The number of teams is determined by the number of members who are interested in playing and there being someone willing to volunteer to be captain. The club will enter 1 team for every 12 members that put their names down. Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association (YCBA) who runs the Sunday Teams League need to know by the 31st March how many teams each club intends to enter.