Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Responsibilities/Duties 2018-19


Stephen Cordingley

President, Committee Chair, Directing/Duplimating Rota, Maintenance, IT Liaison, Parking, Director, Scorer, Duplimator, C Team Captain.


Edward Lea

Secretary, Committee Minutes, Notice Board, Notices, Consumables, Director, Scorer.


Sue Dixon

Treasurer, Financial Records, Charity Commission, Membership, Data Protection, Cash to Bank, Telephone list, Duplimator.


Graham Noble

Bar oversight, Bar Supplies, Bottling-up, Recycling, B Team Captain.


Gail Boyd

Student Liaison, Fire Marshal, Kitchen/Household Supplies, Duplimator.


Helen Stanley

Social, Décor, Christmas Decorations

David Longley

Sunday Teams Coordinator


The following members, although not committee members, have volunteered to carry out duties.


Andrew Mitchell

Club Competition Organiser, Director, Scorer, Duplimator.


Grant Ward

Maintenance, Teams Catering, Director, Scorer.


Alan McDonald



Julian Raymond

I.T. Advisor, A Team Captain

Mick Clark

Student Training


Gordon Wheale

Website, Scorer.


Steph & Bill Binns

Flowers, Cards, Trophies and Honour Boards.


Janet Bishop

Social Events, D Team Captain.


Andrew Hardy

Director, Scorer, Duplimator.


Hazel Vaughan

Duplimator, Milk.


Sherran Edel



Sannah O'Connor

Social Media.