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Yorkshire Sunday Teams League 2022-2023

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Mixed Pairs

As previously announced the mixed pairs competition will take place on Monday 12 December starting at 7-15. Players are asked to be seated by 7-05 to allow the directors time to set everything up for a 7-15 start.

Please dis-regard all that is crossed out below, Competition Eligibility is: -

'Members who have played at the club a minimum of 12 times in the past 12 months or 6 times in the last 3 months shall be eligible to play in club major competitions. Any variation from this shall be at the discretion of the committee.

If members, having indicated entry, do not attend without appropriate explanation, they would be deemed ineligible for the next club championship'.

Following a trustee meeting on 22 November the qualification for entry into HBC competitions has changed. The minimum number of tables is still 4 full tables but the club attendance requirement has been slightly altered,  All entrants must now have played a full session of at least 20 boards in the clubhouse within 28 days of the competition date. League games and social events will not count. This requirement will only be waived if the board and tournament director agree.

As members are not meeting socially as before in the club, some are finding it difficult to find partners. The tournaments director-Grant Ward- will be happy to keep a list of players needing a partner and can be contacted on Hx379683 or .

There is no need to register for this competition and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night.

Grant Ward

Tournament Director

Christmas Party

Halifax Bridge Club

Christmas Party is now Fully Booked

A Welcome Drink and a buffet plus a live band

Friday 16th December 2022

Cost £10

Although the Club doesn’t currently have a bar licence, alcoholic drinks will be available via a Donations Bar.

This invitation is open to ALL members of the Club and we want to encourage as many of you as possible to attend, plus of course your spouse or partner.

We will have a great night of fun, frivolity, singing of Christmas carols, and no bridge. PLEASE attend.

The Doors will be Open at 4.00pm

If you would like to attend, please enter your names on the list on the notice board at the club.

Numbers please before 2nd December 2022

Hand of the week

A bidding conundrum followed by some challenging declarer play- it could only be hand of the week!

Find out what happened here! Hand of the week 93 Pre-empts and declarer play.pdf

5th December 2022
Mon 7:15pm F2F Teams
6th December 2022
Tue 1pm F2F (Hosted)
6th December 2022
Tue 7pm BBO
7th December 2022
Wed 7:15pm F2F (Hosted)
8th December 2022
Thu 7pm BBO
9th December 2022
Fri 7pm BBO
11th December 2022
Sun 7pm BBO
Fri 7pm BBO
Thu 7pm BBO
Wed 7:15pm F2F (Hosted)
Tue 1pm F2F (Hosted)
Tue 7pm BBO
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