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Car Pool

There has been interest in the idea of a car pool which has the aim of getting members to the club who otherwise would struggle with buses or taxis.   This is aimed at Monday nights teams and "Possible teams",  but if it is found to be useful it will be expanded to other FtoF sessions.  In the first instance though, we need to produce a list of "Picker uppers" and those needing a lift to the club.  At present the scheme is being trialled by Grant Ward (Hx 379683) and Alice Zao (07840469608) .  They will maintain a list of contacts, both those needing a lift and those prepared to offer one, and put people in touch with those requiring a lift.  This is very much a trial to try and help members and it could become very useful as it evolves.

Regards, Grant

Face to Face Update.

We have now opened up the 1st and 3rd Monday nights in the month as a teams nights as before. The "Alternative " Mondays - 2nd, 4th, and occasionally 5th Monday nights in the month - will be either match point pair or teams, dependent upon numbers and what members want. Both Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday night- hosted by the director - are not back to pre pandemic levels but are greatly enjoyed by participants. At present Wednesday night is finishing about 9-30 with 18 boards but we will soon increase the amount played if members wish it. All evening sessions start at 7-15 to reduce parking costs.

Clubs Social Evening

Hand of the week

This week a tricky slam- can you find the correct play?

Find out what happened here! Hand of the week 91 Card combinations.pdf

Updated Playing Times

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Congratulations to all our members who advanced EBU Masterpoint rankings recntly


Julia Brown  2 Star Master
Linda Tempest  1 Star Master
Pauline Brook  Area Master


Neil Robertshaw  4 Star Regional Master
Sue Best  3 Star Regional Master
Stuart Swaine  4 Star Premier Master
Brenda Hardaker  Local Master
Elaine Bielby  Local Master
Richard Baker  Club Master
John Baker  Club Master
Marjorie Brook  Local Master


David Longworth  1 Star Master
Ian Hadlington  District Master
Aina Mitchell  County Master
Christine Nicholson  County Master
Christopher Nicholson  County Master

February (cont)

Theresa Battye  Area Master
Janet Almond  Club Master
Kay Pierce  Club Master


Andrew Mitchell  Premier Tournament Master
Richard Wood  Area Master
Stephanie Ryan  Master
John Walsh  Master
Alice Zao  Master


Suzanne Rawnsley  County Master
Tony Pummell  Master


Erika Pickles  1 Star Master
Stephen Cordingley  1 Star Master
Ian Hadlington  Area Master


Hand of the week

This week a big hand to bid! How do you open with this holding?

Find out what happened here! Hand of the week 90 Strong opening.pdf

(13th May 2022)
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