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Welcome to Halifax Bridge Club
Individual Championship

Annual Individual Championship

for the Clarice Sutcliffe Cup

This will be held on Wednesday 24 July at 7pm

The event is open to all full members (subject to the usual frequency of attendance qualification). As we have to have full tables for the event to run properly, entrants are required to put their names on the form posted on the club noticeboard, where further information can be gained.

Only standard Acol bidding is to be used, along with a few simple conventions. Players will play just one board with a partner before moving on to a new one.

It's competitive but, more importantly: good fun.

Give it a go!!


Director's Course


We have a great opportunity this year in that we will be running a Director's Course here in Halifax for the EBU (previously delegates have had to travel as far as Southport and Wetherby to do the course).

The course will be run over 4 Sundays

01 Sep : How to run a club duplicate (optional)

29 Sep : Day 1 : Book Rulings

06 Oct : Day 2 : Book & Judgement Rulings

20 Oct : Assessment

If you would be interested in doing the course or if you would be interested in helping make up the hands or scoring please speak to a member of the committee.


Halifax Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the club that offers duplicate bridge sessions for young and old. The club has its own private premises and is well established, providing duplicate bridge sessions. It is a member of the English Bridge Union and the majority of the club events generate EBU Masterpoints. There are also occasional sessions that tie in with simultaneous county events. In addition to a comfortable playing area, the club has its own kitchen and licensed bar and there is ample free on-street-parking after 6pm.

Halifax Bridge Club has four teams of eight players that compete during the winter months in the Yorkshire Sunday League.

Hosted/Relaxed Bridge Sessions

Tuesday afternoons are hosted by the Director. Learners, newcomers and visitors are positively welcomed. A small amount of help can be given to absolute beginners or those unfamiliar with duplicate. Please be there for 12.50pm.

Wednesday evening sessions are hosted on a "Last Person Standing" basis. i.e. the last person to arrive at the club without a partner becomes the host.

Friday evening sessions are hosted by the Director, there is no visitor surcharge and help is freely available. Please be there for 6.50pm.

19th July 2019
Fri 7pm (Gentle, Hosted)
22nd July 2019
Mon 7pm (Random Teams/Pairs) (Hosted)
23rd July 2019
Tue 1pm (Gentle, Hosted)
23rd July 2019
Tue 7pm
24th July 2019
Wed 7pm Individual (Clarice Sutcliffe Cup)
25th July 2019
Thu 7pm
Thu 7pm
Wed 7pm
Tue 1pm (Improvers, Hosted)
Tue 7pm
Mon 7pm (Teams)
Fri 7pm (Improvers, Hosted)