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Next Session: Monday 25th January from 6.30pm for a 7pm start

To play RealBridge Click Here between 6:30pm and 6:45pm. If it ask if you want to "Allow RealBridge to use your camera and microphone" say "Allow", for a guide on system requirements Click Here or to test your camera and microphone beforehand Click Here. RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls. However, without video, the experience is compromised. RealBridge works perfectly with inexpensive webcams, which are widely available online.

Enter your full name in the name box as it would appears in the results on this website. Enter your EBU number in the ID number box, if you don't enter your EBU Number you won't be recognised when your result are submitted to the EBU. The Session Key should be filled in automatically. Put a tick in the box for "High contrast UI" if you are colour blind. Then click "Login", this will take you into the "Lobby" from where you will be able to see the tables and seats, if you have a partner please sit at a low numbered table, if you don't have a partner please sit at the highest numbered table, if there is someone else there without a partner then ask them if they would like to be your partner and discuss what system you are going to play. Please don’t simply remain in the lobby, it makes it harder for us to talk to you and to get the match started on time if you are not seated. If two of you are in the same room at home, one of you needs to move otherwise, there will be a loud echo (feedback). Also, if there is a lot of background noise in the room you are in, please mute your microphone until you want to speak. Click here for the RealBridge Players guide.

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Hand of the week

You find yourself in 4 , how can you get rid of your losers in ♠ ?

Find out what happened here! Hand of the week 47 An end play.pdf

Rematch vs Kyle of Lochalsh 7pm 7/1/21

Thanks to all those who played in the match and congratulation to KOLC for a narrow victory!

What do you do with this hand after the opponents bid diamonds and partners shows the majors?

Find out what happened here! Hand of the week 46 KOLC rematch.pdf

Events on Online During Covid-19

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 situation as it is there is no sign of the club re-opening anytime soon, but we hope that Online Bridge will satisfy some of your bridge cravings until it does.

We are now holding Duplicate Pairs Online on RealBridge on Monday, and on BBO on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings at 7pm, and on Thursday afternoons at 1pm, see "Information" in the menu for more details, playing 18 boards at 8 minutes per board (unless specified otherwise).

Thanks to everyone who has supported events so far, we now have 155 players registered to play Online.

If you are not a member of the club but would be interested in playing online with us, table money is £2 per game which can be paid at the beginning of the following month by bank transfer to Halifax Bridge Club, Sort Code 60-09-27, Account Number 83799761. Please email with your details, Name, BBO Username, and EBU Number (if applicable).

We also organise occasional 'international' matches, go to the hand of the week archive to see the reports.

Club Policy On Slow Play Online During The COVID Disruption

The trustees discussed the issue at length and agreed unanimously that the following statement be published:

“Trustees agreed that our club policy is to be tolerant of slow play online during the disruption to face to face Bridge.

We note and understand the complaints and frustration that slow play can cause, but we also recognise that “these difficult times”, technological issues, stress issues, unfamiliarity with the interface and even knocks at the door can all result in slow play. We will follow the Maxim of the Moment - “Be Kind”. People may be stuck in their homes without normal face to face contact, and we do not want to be responsible for anybody feeling they are unwelcome, or unable to use our club to socialise.

Trustees also recognised that stress may well lead to disputes over other issues, and that we should be tolerant with these too.

However, slow play does reduce other members’ enjoyment. Most players complete their boards with at least three minutes to spare. If you frequently find yourself down to the wire please try to speed up so as not to spoil other players' enjoyment. The following suggestions are both good practice and good etiquette:

  • Plan your second bid as you make your first, you know partner's likely responses
  • Pass promptly when you have nothing to bid
  • Decide what you will lead as the opposition move towards their final 
  • Claim as soon as you can - the next board may be more tricky

If you would like to add your own bête-noire to this list please forward it to David Longworth at

The policy can be reviewed at the AGM, and members can of course make representations to the committee. In the meantime, the trustees thank everybody for their understanding.

Halifax Bridge Club

Welcome to the website of the club that offers duplicate bridge sessions for young and old. The club has its own private premises and is well established, providing duplicate bridge sessions. It is a member of the English Bridge Union and the majority of the club events generate EBU Masterpoints. There are also occasional sessions that tie in with simultaneous county events. In addition to a comfortable playing area, the club has its own kitchen and licensed bar and there is ample free on-street-parking after 6pm.

Halifax Bridge Club has four teams of eight players that compete during the winter months in the Yorkshire Sunday League.

Complaints Procedure (Under Review)
22nd January 2021
Fri 7pm Pairs on BBO
24th January 2021
Sun 7pm Pairs on BBO
25th January 2021
Mon 7pm Pairs on RealBridge
26th January 2021
Tue 7pm Pairs on BBO
27th January 2021
Wed 7pm Pairs on BBO
28th January 2021
Thu 1pm Pairs on BBO
Thu 1pm Pairs on BBO
Wed 7pm Pairs on BBO
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Mon 7pm Pairs on RB
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