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AGM Minutes 2017

10th.SEPTEMBER 2017 -  6.30pm at Hadleigh Football Club

1. Apologies for absence were received from Anthea,Virginia,Cathy,Sandra,Karin,David,Nick and Jo Parker

2. Minutes of AGM held 5th September 2016 were signed as approved.

3. Chairman's Report

The Chairman reported that Monday nights were averaging 4-6 tables and had 33 members. 5 years ago we had 40 members and a waiting list. Tuesday afternoons are averaging 3-4 tables. Malcolm added that when at the library we had 42 members with 6 people on a waiting list.

Sometimes we are not taking enough money at either Monday or Tuesday sessions to cover the rent for the hall. We need a drive for new members.

4. Secretary's Report

The Secretary’s Report was read out by the Treasurer in the Secretary's absence. Insurance had been renewed,  supplies monitored, minutes of  committee meetings taken, AGM details distributed and emails sent when required. The Secretary had asked the U3A to advertise the fact that we are happy to teach bridge to beginners. We have had four replies. Jeff, Ann and the Secretary held several teaching sessions but unfortunately none of the people concerned are likely to join our club.

5. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer reported that she had sent a copy of the accounts to all members by email and a  hard copy was available at the meeting for members to see. The accounts have been independently checked. The current balance for the Monday Club £635.57 and £354.13 for  Tuesday Club.

Yearly membership fee for Monday nights will remain at £10.00 however table money will be increased to £2.00 with visitors paying £3.00. The club's bank account has changed to Barclays Bank to allow the Treasurer to pay direct debits and invoices directly from the account saving her a lot of time. Our insurance company is making contributions to three charities we have been asked to select our choice out of the three charities. The floor chose Alzheimers.

 6. Election of Officers

Any new nominations  were requested there were none. Sid Cleaver proposed the entire committee should be re-elected this proposal was seconded by Jo Roy and carried.



Table Money. The increase in the table money to £2.00 for Monday nights is because over the 38 weeks we played we only covered the rent 6 times. Since moving to the football venue, there had been no increase in rent which remains at  £25.00.

Tuesday afternoons are run differently. Jeff collects £10.00 from each member at the  beginning of  a 10 week period. If the numbers are too low to sustain the £20.00 hall hire Jeff will at the beginning of the next 10 week period ask for £15.00 from each member. This system seems to  be working well.  

Rent is paid separately by the two clubs and are only joined together under one umbrella for Insurance and sharing of equipment.


Membership.  Membership is slowly declining we have only 33 paid up members.

The committee has decided to join  the English Bridge Union for the Monday evening sessions. This will hopefully gain us more members. Colin Crawford proposed that such a big decision should not be taken by the committee without agreement by the members. John Morris seconded that proposal and a vote took place and the motion was passed to allow members to vote on joining the EBU.

The proposal for joining the EBU was put to  the floor and the motion was carried by 16 votes for and 1 against.

It was stated that part of the table money, 44 pence a person per session played this will be taken out of the £2.00 table money.

Ann Gardiner was not convinced that players will join our club but come only to gain EBU points and hoped that it will not spoil the nice friendly club we have at present.

Malcolm had spoken to the EBU and they had confirmed that we could continue with flexible club rules to maintain the friendly nature of the club without having to be prescriptive.


Slow Play. Ray wanted clarification of when a pair can be stopped from playing the last round of  boards on the table. It was decided that bidding must have commenced after which the hand should be completed.


Summer Teams. Malcolm has sent the Team’s shield for engraving and is awaiting the pens that will be presented  to the winners.


             MEETING CLOSED 7.10 PM