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How teams are run

Teams are 'generated' based on results of the duplicate pairs competitions.

If a pair has not played together, an average is taken from the results of the two individuals. Hopefully this avoids the possibility of the best pairs forming a team and make the Team results more unpredicatable.  It is supposed to be a fun evening after all !!! 

Each N/S team plays each E/W team (excluding their own team). 

So, N/S team 1 will play E/W team 2  and N/S team 2 will play E/W team 1  although not necessarily in the same round due to board and people movements. 

In both these case they will play the same boards.  By playing the same boards, it is possible to use a scoring system to determine  the better team of the two teams for those boards played. 

After each round, the E/W pairs will move to play against a different N/S team.  The boards also move as appropriate. This continues until all N/S have played all E/W teams. 

The scoring is more complicated than duplicate. See the scoring and strategy page.