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Our local 'rules'

Hadleigh Bridge Club wishes to maintain a friendly atmosphere and therefore strict adherance to some EBU rules requiring Director involvement is discouraged.

The EBU allows clubs to be more informal and strict compliance with all EBU rules is not essential providing players (members and guests) are aware that we wish to maintain a friendly atmosphere rather than adhere 100% to the EBU rules.

Could all guests note that we have no 'formal' director. We have never had a need throughout the many years that the club has been in existence. Players are encouraged to resolve issues themselves and the default should be to avoid any formal rule that would adversely affect players at other tables. For example we avoid awarding penalties in the case of a revoke.

Most of our club members will allow the opponents to replace a card in their hand without penalty if accidentally playing out of turn.

It was agreed at the AGM, that the start of play would be when bidding had commenced and not when the cards were removed for the board.

If we decide to enter regional or national competitions, we can, by publicising, restrict entry to members only. This is particularly important, not just to continue as a friendly club, but to limit any large influx of players as guests as we have a limited number of tablets and licences for our automatic electronic scoring. If you wish to attend on competition dates as a guest, please contact the club in advance.

Use of convention cards will not be mandated and we allow novices to refer to them if opponents agree.

We do expect all players to adhere to the announce and alert rules. Only announce when necessary and do not explain anything unless asked as this may give your partner extra information. Please refer to the menu on the left Tips -> Alert or Announce where there is a link to a table explaining when they should be used in general cases. Any additional bids under 3NT not described on the table should be alerted if not a natural bid.

All bids must be explained if requested by an opponent but only when it is the opponent's turn to bid. Explanations must NOT be given by the person making the bid, nor should they correct their partner, make a comment, or make any expression if an incorrect explanation is given.

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