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Committee News
Committee Meeting Monday October 28th 5.30pm.
E Mail Addresses

If you would like to receive e mails giving information about club events please let me know. Bill.
Your e mail address will not be passed to any third party.

GDPR Regulations

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

These new regulations come into force May 25th 2018.

The following statements have been agreed by the committee of Gwent Bridge Academy.


1. Data about members of the club is only kept to identify that members have paid their annual subscription, the communication of information and the organization of events.


2. Members details will not be shared with any other organization except that the WBU will be given a list of members who have joined the WBU through Gwent Bridge Academy. This list will contain the address of members but not the telephone or e mail address.


3. Members address, telephone number or e mail address will not be given to any other member. If a member asks for an address, telephone number or e mail address of another member it is duty of the club secretary or club chairman to contact the member to check if they are happy with the request.


4. In the case of sympathy cards etc the club secretary or club chairman will complete the address on the card and post the card. Members will not be allowed to obtain addresses form the club database.


5. Members details will be kept on the club computer for a maximum of three years after which they will be deleted. This is to ensure that mistakes in spellings or address information can be corrected.


6. Members will only be sent e mails concerning club events after they have agreed to such a request on the club renewal form by ticking the appropriate box. This list will not be given to any other organisation.