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We welcome you to the Burnaby Lake Clubhouse!

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Burnaby Lake Clubhouse (Rugby Club)
3760 Sperling Avenue in Burnaby
One minute off Highway 1

From West - Sprott Street exit,
From East - Kensington Avenue exit.  

Enter the building from the left hand side (not the front). 

There is no elevator, but
*** t
he lift is now operational!!! ***


Isabelle Anderson has kindly offered to shuttle people from the Skytrain station to the game, or to otherwise set up carpooling.  
Contact Izzy if you need to coordinate a shuttle (778) 991-3269 (call or text).


No games during the Penticton Regional June 10 to 16.
We are running the game on Sunday June 9th so we hope to see you there!

Sign up for games not mandatory, but is very much appreciated!  It encourages your friends to come, and allows us to plan better.  If you have trouble signing yourself up, please just E-mail

GVBC appreciates you...

Thank you to each and every person who has contributed to the success of GVBC!

We sincerely thank all those who have helped with bringing food (and doing dishes!), Directing, assistance to the Directors, being our Backup Player of the Day, setting up and taking down tables, giving feedback, Accounting, Game Pass administration, writing press releases, scheduling of helpers, Partnership matching, nametag orders, table cloth making, artwork and logo design, administrative and advisory supportfinancial support $$$...!

New beginnings at Burnaby Lake Rugby Club since Jan, 2024
  • 1 Gene Nagy moving to Rugby Club
  • Bryan Maksymetz Director hard at work
  • Gus Axen Thursday 930 MiniLesson
  • If the Bridge doesnt bring you back128523
  • Lori Chong homemade Cinnamon buns
  • Ryan Margaret Tad Gus Moving Day crew
  • Sharon Main food prep
  • Wednesday morning Duplicate
All Games at Rugby Club (except Fridays)

Schedule of Regular Games (see Calendar for special games)

Sunday        1:00 Open Pairs
Wednesday  10:15 Open Pairs
7:00 1st/3rd Wed of the month
Thursday      9:30 0-499 Newcomer program (Supervision and Feedback)
Friday          10:15 Open Pairs 
(at Gloria Dei Church, N. Van)


GVBC Club Member Benefits:

Membership is $25, expires Dec 31, 2024
Individual game fees - $12 ($15 non-members), $7 under 21
Duplicate Passes (not shareable):
    $200 for 20 plays (NO Expiry date)
    $110 for 10 plays (NO Expiry date)
Purchase any pass or membership by E-transferring to

We enjoyed our time at Croatian Cultural Centre
  • D19 NAP C winners - Susan Craven & Lorne Burns
  • Gloria Dei Church Friday 10:15 Game
  • GVBC Game Director - Bryan Maksymetz
  • GVBC Game Director - Larry Meyer
  • Margaret & Paul Pattison, Debra Sutherland & Linda Simmons
  • Mable & Don Chan, Ron & Lori Chong
  • Larraine Smith & Ed Starkins, Ryan Burns & Joy Berry
  • Shameine Ali & Marg Gibson
  • June Keith & Barry Kirkham, Shelley Burns & Kel Raywood
  • Directors: Anne Smith, Shelley Burns, Margaret Pattison
  • GVBC Opening Day at Croatian Cultural Centre

We had our beginnings at the Croatian Cultural Centre starting October, 2023.  We are starting a new phase at Burnaby Lake Rugby Club since January, 2024.  We hope that we can count of your continued support!

Donations > $14,105

Thank you sooo much to those who have made contributions to help GVBC get started.  Donations can be E-Transferred to

Future expenditures include a Dealing Machine, Tables, Boards, Bidding Boxes, Bridge Mates & Controller.

GVBC Board of Directors

Shelley Burns (604)603-0930
Bill Cooke (250)318-4454
Tai Eng (604)418-2092
Avril Karr (403)650-8073
David Laulainen
Margaret Pattison (778)873-6420