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REMEMBER​: to ensure a game, at least one player of a partnership must be seated by 6:50pm


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 A message from Stephanie.(26th July)

   As your President, not official but Kath has done her stint, I thought I would give you all a heads- up as to the state of play, so to speak.

   The SBU is at the moment only advocating online bridge, which I know many of you are enjoying.  The only example of head-to-head bridge that I know of is in Queensland, Australia, where there is a sixteen bullet point list of hygiene requirements (how they find time to play with all the wiping, squirting and washing I don't know), and a comprehensive health declaration form to be completed.   Realistically we are, by and large, all elderly, many having, or with partners with, underlying health issues.  As of now I guess it is a case of wait and see, and enjoy the online bridge.

 Keep watching this site. We will keep you updated as to what is happening.

   Keep safe. I hope to see you all soon. Stephanie
































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Welcome to the Greenan Bridge Club which was formed in 1978 and was, initially, run by members of Ayr's Caledonian Bridge Club. The original intention was for the Greenan to be a feeder club for the Caledonian.

In January 1979 a steering committee was formed, leading to a full committee and the first AGM on 18 April 1979.

The new members declined the offer of a move and the Club is now in its 39th independent year.

Visitors are very welcome. For National and District competitions visitors are asked to give prior notification of proposed attendance to the Secretary or other Committee member.

Improve your bridge by following Jim Tudor's weekly articles, and all Improvers' Class presentations, and much more via this link: /learn-to-play-bridge-mainmenu /problems-and-solutions


Minutes of 40th AGM can be found under INFORMATION. When you click on this you will see in red "click here----".   Do this and then click on box at foot of page, and hopefully you will find what you're looking for.yes

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Director: Kath
Scorer: Morag
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Director: Stephanie
Scorer: Vivienne
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Scorer: Morag
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