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New Laws of Bridge

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Update 01 Sept 2017

There have been major changes to some of the laws of bridge. The new laws come into effect on the 1st September 2017. A brief outline of the changes can be found here


Welcome to Grange Golf Club, Bridge Section


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dated:  09 March '20

Dear Members,

Sorry to say that in view of the Corona Virus and the danger of any transmission of the virus whilst playing Bridge, in conjunction with the Management Committee, it has been decided to suspend the playing of Bridge in Grange until further notice. Thank you for all your help during the season. I very much appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Dorothy de Lacy Staunton

President, Grange Bridge Club


Monday Morning Bridge. Season runs from September to April. Players are requested to be present by 9.50am. Bridge commences 10.00am

Thursday Evening Bridge . Season runs from October to March. Players are request to be present by 7.20pm. Bridge commences 7.30pm

Approach to the 18th Green Grange GC
Approach to the 18th Green  Grange GC



Club House Grange GC
Club House  Grange GC
Thursday -11 Tables
Scorer: Thos O'Brien
Monday Morning
Scorer: Della ONeill
Thursday - Red Section
Scorer: Thos O'Brien
Scorer: Conor Dwan
Scorer: Conor Dwan
Presidents Prize 2020 - Over All Result
Presidents Prize 2020- 2nd Session
Presidents Prize 2nd Session
Scorer: Ron Armstrong