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Results for 22nd February 2024

Please note that the correct results for Thursday 22nd February 2024 are listed under Results Version 2   I apologise for any disappointment or short lived glory!!

Grange Bridge Club restarts face to face play on Thursday 14th October 2021.  The club will now meet on Thursday afternoons in the Boyack Centre, Dick Street, Monifieth.   

  Play will start at 1pm until 3.45pm.   Visitors are always welcome to join us.

   Competition results will now be published here instead of by e-mail and it is hoped that members will make full use of the club website.

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If you have any problem accessing the members area please contact Margaret Knight who will assist you.




Scorer: Margaret Knight
version 2
Scorer: Margaret Knight
Scorer: Margaret Knight
Scorer: Moira McGregor