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Welcome to The Golding Bridge Club

Welcome to the Golding Bridge Club Website.

We meet at St Aidan’s Community Centre, Brunton Park on Tuesdays.   Bridge starts at 1.30 p.m.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before to allow time for table money collection and the movement to be organised.

   We play 16 to 18 boards of Duplicate Bridge in a friendly welcoming manner

    The typical duration is around two hours.

           smiley   Visitors Welcome.  smiley

Situation with face-to-face bridge at the club

Hello fellow Golding bridge Club members.  I hope you are all safe and well.  It has been a challenging time for many.
Obviously the club has been idle whilst the COVID-19 epedemic is in process.
Clearly sharing tables, cards, chairs, boards, bidding cards and score cards is all somewhat risky in terms of touch.
It isn't possible to sanitise these thing - obviously.
Social distancing is also problematic - although rules are loosening.
It is far from clear when it will be safe to resume face-to-face bridge play sadly.
The committee can't and won't provide advice on this for obvious reasons.

If club members have views on the resumption of face-to-face bridge then contact a committee member by email or phone or even WhatsApp if you have it.

You may have found a solution to playing online - and if then great.
Some local players have banded together to form a WhatsApp group spanning bridge clubs and are playing ad-hoc fours on BBO (
If anyone wishes to join in (you need a PC, Mac or tablet device).
Simply joining a table is pretty simple assuming you have one person able to set up a table for the four.
I, (Andy Ridout) is willing to advise and/or add you to the online bridge WhatsApp group.
Mobile: 07305 772567
I know that Audrey Croft has been helping some members get online.

Anyone who has access to youtube on Mac/PC/Tablet or even smartphone if you can cope with that:
Bernard Magee has done a load of instructional 45 minute talks on bridge in his own idiosyncratic style.
His has been making 3 a week since lockdown started and is up to 39 or so at the time of writing.
Simply search for Bernard Magee on youtube to find them. 
Bernard is finishing this series soon and opening a subscription service advertised at:
We are not endorsing this  - just sharing that it might be an option if the 12 or 14 pounds a month is manageable.
There is an online bridge club created called the Friendly Online Bridge Club (FOBC).
It isn’t free but suggests that it is only about £2 per week.
Whatever your approach to Bridge going forwards - keep well and safe.
The Golding Bridge Club Committee
Finding a bridge partner

Jan Stronach has kindly agreed to be the point of contact for finding a bridge partner.
She can be contacted on:

Tel: 01670 789 706


Also if you have WhatsApp on your smartphone you can try a message on the Golding Bridge Group.
If you have WhatsApp and wish to be added to the group, please contact Andy Ridout

It is OK to seek a partner with both Jan Stronach and WhatsApp.
However, if you do, and find a partner via WhatApp - please tell Jan promptly so that she won't keep looking.


11th May 2021
Duplicate Bridge session
St Aidans Community Centre 1:30
18th May 2021
Duplicate Bridge session
St Aidans Community Centre 1:30
25th May 2021
Duplicate Bridge session
St Aidans Community Centre 1:30
Duplicate Bridge session
Scorer: Andrew Ridout
Duplicate Bridge session
Scorer: Andrew Ridout
Duplicate Bridge session
Director: Bernie Gruer
Scorer: Andrew Ridout