Golden Bay Contract Bridge Club
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If you like 500, you will love Bridge!

Bridge is the best card game there is! It is fun, challenging and it can also be very social.
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The best thing of bridge?
Bridge is more a game about skills then about luck. You will never have a bad hand anymore. It doesn't matter what cards you get, it is about how well you play them. You play against other people who have the same cards. The one who makes the most tricks with these cards wins. 

Placing in the Intermediate tournament

Simon Langford and Lori Godden had a huge win at Malborough's Intermediate Tournament, June 12, 2021.  

Placing 2nd in Hearts and coming 3rd overall was a terrific result for them two!

Richmond Pairs - Saturday June 26th

Beth Burdett and Lori Godden came away with a 3rd in Diamonds after a slow start in the morning to a whooping 57% in the afternoon.  Well done you two!

Paton`s Rock Individual Session 1
Wednesday Evening Session 3
Summer Pairs 2