Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Weekend Teams Events
Everett Cup 2018

This event will take place on Saturday 20th October 2018, starting at 1100 and finished by 1800 hrs. It will be a team-scoring event, but with entry as a pair and the entry fee will be £10 per person, to include a bagel lunch and teas in the afternoon.

The bridge (about 40 boards) will be in three segments - before lunch, after lunch and after tea.  Before play there will be a draw for team-mates with pairs placed in three buckets (most experienced, newest, others) with pairs from the top category lined up with team-mates from the least experienced group.  This will gives everyone a chance, and we will have prizes for the best performing team in each of the three segments. 

The scoring will be in total imps, and we will endeavour to have everyone play exactly the same boards in each segment.  We are organising as special prizes, for those who don't often play in county competitions, a game with someone from the top county team.  Watch this space!

Garden Cities 2019

The Garden Cities is the EBU intercounty championship for club teams-of-eight.  The regional heat is on Saturday 27th April 2019 and the National Final is two months later.

If any clubs in the county wish to compete in this event they need to inform the Chief TD by 31st January 2019.  If any club other than than Cheltenham BC has a team to offer, then a match will be arranged between interested teams to select the county representatives - otherwise Cheltenham Bridge Club will be offered the place.

Bredon Vale Cup 2018-19

This event is for inter-club teams of four and will be held on Sunday 18th November 2018.

Clubs, affiliated or not, can enter up to 3 teams of four and each team may contain only one member who is ranked National Master of higher.  Prior entry would be helpful for arranging a movement and catering.

We will expect to play about 25 to 30 boards with a break for tea.  Finish time is before 6 p.m.

Cotswold Cup 2019

This event will take place on Sunday 17th February 2019, and will start at 13.00 and run until about 1900 hrs. The profits from this event will be donated to the Sue Ryder Hospice. 

It will be a team-scoring event, but with entry as a pair.  You will score with international teammates who played the hands in an earlier match. The entry fee will be £10 per person, to include afternoon tea at the mid-point. 

The game will be played in two halves and last about 36 boards.  The scoring will be - for each of East-West and North-South separately - imps against a datum provided from when the boards were first played.  We will have hand commentaries on the boards, and the results will be stratified (using NGS ratings) so that we can give a prize to the best performing pair in three different categories.

There will be a raffle during the event - with the proceeds going to charity.

Green Point Swiss Teams 2019

The Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Green Point weekend teams event will be held on July 21st 2019.  The venue is the Larruperz Centre Ross-on-Wye.