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Stop Press!!

The Cheltenham Congress and the Ross-on-Wye GP Weekend are both cancelled for 2020

The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click: GCBA Newsletter  Feb20

Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.


20 May 20 : Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending March 2020

13 May 20 : minutes of the May committee meeting (we had no meeting in April)

18 Apr 20 : latest newsletter (by Garry Watson) - Apr 2020 

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have published.

County League

MONDAY LEAGUES: Div 1  2and then Div 1A, 1B, Div 2A, 2B

CLEVERLY TEAMS :  Div 1, NorthSouth

Squad Practice

We track players' availablility for squad practice game using a DOODLE poll.  The latest poll is at  Click on this link to set or change information about your availability.

Squad Training & Practice

  All Squad Training  has been cancelled until further notice because the CBC is closed because of Covid-19 precautions        

Squad Training & Practice:  25 March 2020

Division 1 R Butland & G Watson; J Angseesing & B Ritacca; M Wignall & V Constable; P Lilley & P Swales; M Lewis & R Williams; A Swannell & A Kwatra;

Reserves J Amorgie; A Nanda;

Squad Training & Practice: 26 Feb. 2020

Division 1 R Butland & G Watson; P Shields & A Wearmouth; J Arblaster & M Barlow; M Wignall & P Phair;

Division 2 P Lilley & P Swales; A & J Sanis; R Harris & B Ritacca; Arun Nanda & Toby Roberts

Reserves Jamie Welsted & Jack Armorgie; A Swannell;


                                      Squad Training & Practice:  22 Jan 2020

CBC Wednesday : J Arborgie & J Wellsted, V Constable & J Simons,  Ashok Kwatra & Anne Swannell, M Lewis & R Williams, P Lilley & P Swales, A&J Sanis


Stroud Thursday :  D Atthey & A Pritchard, J Councer & M Rogers, R Jackson & P Waggett, T Letts & R Schofield


Reserves; B Ritacca (thu), T Jarman (thu)