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The Cheltenham Congress and the Ross-on-Wye GP Weekend are both cancelled for 2020

The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click: GCBA Newsletter  Feb20

Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.


20 May 20 : Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending March 2020

13 May 20 : minutes of the May committee meeting (we had no meeting in April)

18 Apr 20 : latest newsletter (by Garry Watson) - Apr 2020 

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have published.

County League

MONDAY LEAGUES: Div 1  2and then Div 1A, 1B, Div 2A, 2B

CLEVERLY TEAMS :  Div 1, NorthSouth

Representative Events

This page covers information about, and news from, the Representative Events Committee

16 County Event for K-AC Teams

                13th June 16 county event for K-AC

On June 13 between 2-5pm, there is a 16 county event with the same format as that on 23rd May but this time with K-AC / 60-61% / Cat A average players.

The following have been selected to represent Glos.

A Wearmouth A (Capt.) & T Hill, R Schofield & T Letts

Match vs the North-East 30th May

                                    6-7th June vs Wilts

Matches are to be arranged by captains between 10.00am on Sat. 6th June and 10pm on Sunday 7th June. There will be 2 sets of 12 boards.
NGS grade (average)    

      K  P Lilley & P Swales, M Rogers & J Councer (Capt.)

      Q P Waggett & B Ritacca, A Kwatra & J Amorgie (Capt.)

            Reserves for K/Q matches: V Constable & J Simons

     J Ian Sidgwick & Paul Spencer, J Arblaster & M Barlow

     10 L Harrison & M McWilliam, Wignall (Capt.) & R Williams

     9 Ruth Wethey (Capt.) & Clare Tingle, Terry Briton & Geoff Bent 

     8 Steve Tedd & Linda Barratt, Richard Seymour (Capt.) & Liz Giles (8)

Online match vs The North East on Sat. 30 May 2020

The following have been selected to play against The North East.

      Denning & Plackett
              Butland & Watson
              Shields & Chamberlain 
              J Atthey & Robinson
Reserves: Wearmouth & Hill.

The match will be played as 2 teams of 4, involving 2 sets of 12 boards. The results will be aggregated.

Inter-county on 23rd May

A multiple teams event for 16 counties has been arranged for Sat. 23rd May, 13:00-17:00. The format is teams of 4 but a county team may consist of 2,3 or 4 pairs.  Each county may field one team of good club players for whom this will generally be the first time they represent their county (NGS Q-J is another rough indicator).  Surprisingly, Glos. had only one pair that fitted those criteria. I`m sure we won`t be alone. There is a great opportunity for more players of approx. Q-J who play online to contact me to represent Glos. in similar standard competitions.  7 of the 8 players selected have not represented the county at the table. The overall NGS is a high Jack, so entirely within the spirit of the competition.


 The team is:

Jack Armorgie (Capt) & Ashok Kwatra

 Ian Sidgwick & Paul Spencer
Terry Britton & Geoff Bent 
 Reserves: Ruth Wethey & Clare Tingle 


12 counties can field one Cat B team. 

Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire,    

Reserve: Wiltshire

On-line match vs Lincolnshire May 2-3

An on-line match vs Lincs has been arranged for this w/e with matches played between 10.00 Sat. am & 10 pm Sunday evening, 2nd or 3rd May at a time agreed between the captains of each of the 7 teams of 4. As this is Gloucs first on-line match, we agreed to play a 16 boards but  this may finish too quickly if all the players are adept at BBO so longer matches may be played in future. 

This is a match of 7 teams of 4 in 5 categories, namely: (1) a Dawes team (2) 3 teams of Porter/Markham, (3) a team of NGS 9, (4) a team of NGS 8, and (5) a Ladies team

The following have been selected (captain in RED): 


Denning & Plackett

Butland & Watson 

Councer & Rogers

Ritacca & Waggett

Letts & Schofield

Lilley & Swales

Armorgie & Kwatra

Arblaster & Barlow

Constable & Harrison

Pritchard & Sanis

Geoff Bent & Terry Briton

Clare Tingle & Ruth Wethey

Linda Barrett & Steve Tedd

Liz Gyles & Richard Seymour

result 10.61 16.88 8.52 17.31 20.00 6.25 10.91


Well done Gloucestershire, winning by 90.48 to Lincolnshire's 49.52 VPs.


County & Squad Training

We run training days about once a quarter, and  squad practice games on most months.   These are geared at those who are currently representing the county or are touching on representing the county, but they are not restricted - anyone is welcome.  

For the training days (Saturdays usually, 1000-1530, £10 cost is building up funds to get external professional trainers in) there is a Doodle Poll at 

For the squad practice games, they are played in Cheltenham on the 3rd Wednesday and in Box, near Stroud, on the 3rd Thursday 1900- 2230 of applicable months. The applicable Doodle Poll is at

Please visit the polls where you can document your interest and availability.