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Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.


The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click:

GCBA Newsletter Jul19.pdf


The new season's printed calendar can now be colllected from Cheltenham Bridge Club


15 Jul 19 : latest newsletter - May/Jun/Jul 2019 

24 Jun 19 : minutes of the second June meeting of the new committee

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have been published,

Representative Events

This page covers information about, and news from, the Representative Events Committee

Squad Training & Practice

Squad Training & Practice: 27 June 2019

Division 1: R Butland & P Denning, P Shields & G Watson, J Arblaster & M Barlow, P Lilley & P Swales

Division 2:  R Harris & & B Ritacca, J Simons & V Constable, P Waggett & R Jackson, M Wignall & W Angseesing 

Division 3: A Pritchard & D Atthey, A & J Sanis, A Kwatra & L Harrison, A Swannell & R Williams

Reserves B Youngs, T Letts, ?? P Phair, J Councer, M Lewis

Midland Counties League

MCL vs Warwickshire (h) 14 April 2019 2 pm

Dawes: G Watson (Capt.) & R Butland, P Shields & R Chamberlain, P Denning & R Plackett, J Atthey & C Robinson

Porter: J Simons (Capt.) & P Phair, A Wearmouth & T Hill, J Arblaster & M Barlow, R Collard & P Pearce,

Markham: R Schofield (Capt.) & T Letts, R Jackson & P Waggett, R Harris & T Gilham, L Harrison & A Kwatra

Reserves: M Wignall & W Angseesing, A Pritchard & D Atthey, A Swannell & R Williams, M Lewis, P Lilley, J Angseesing, J Sanis, J Councer

The Representative Events Committee
The REC Terms of Reference