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The All bridge activity remains online for the foreseeable future. GCBA is playing on BBO and on Realbridge


The Newent Bowl is back, running on RealBridge on Sunday 7th March - see the Newent BC website for details

County Leagues


  • MONDAY : Div OneDiv Two
  • CLEVERLY TEAMS : Div One,   Div Two is run as Swiss Teams and is on the results menu



22 Dec 20 : latest newsletter (by Garry Watson) - Dec 2020  and the answers to the quiz are now available.

08 Dec 20 : minutes of the December committee meeting (our seventh online meeting)

09 Oct 20 : summary of the outcomes from the August survey is published.

11 Aug 20 : notes from meeting of club representatives : 02 Aug 2020

20 May 20 : Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending March 2020

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have published.




  • We want to hold quality events to keep the top players playing and to help the remainder develop   <---   we will not refuse entries, but are looking to other events to cater for a wider audience
  • A fixed time for these sessions saves players a lot of thinking and planning, and Monday evening seems the obvious candidate.   <---   we will make 1930 Mondays our standard time
  • We are not in competition with the EBU and clubs for running events - so what we do must be different from both.   <---   we will concentrate on teams, and on pairs events where top pairs play only top pairs etc.
  • We need to provide a mix of pairs and teams, the former for ease of attendance and the latter to balance out the pairs provision from clubs.   <---   we will alternate between teams and pairs




  • The GCBA is moving to RealBridge for its monthly Teams League (but only that for now) and is adopting the use of "self-announcing" and "screens" for these events. Self-announcing is the style commonly used on BBO where you type an explanation of your bid before making it - and this avoids a lot of Unauthorised Information issues which arise in face-to-face games.  The screens hide partner and one of the opposition from the first bid to the last card played in each deal - and also cuts on the UI around, but more positively gives you a free space to chat to one of your opponents without disturbing the others at the table.


  • The latest version of MacOS (“Big Sur”) has created issues with using the Safari browser.  So, if you have MacBook and iMac users who have upgraded to “Big Sur”, please ask them not to use Safari.  Any other browser like Chrome will work fine.
  • Note that iPad users must continue to use Safari.   **NEW**   using a Bluetooth Mouse can make the IPAD experience a lot smoother.
  • Players should use the redial button about every hour. It is on the right of the eye.

Realbridge is a new online platform giving us the chance to play Duplicate Bridge Tournaments.  Please look at the website for more definitive information. Here are some snippets which might help you understand it ...

  • Realbridge has not yet been officially launched but it is allowing many organisations to test it out.
  • Realbridge does not (yet) support drop-in bridge as BBO does, but only runs organised Tournaments.
  • Each Tournament has its own web link which is like a link into a specially created room for that Tournament., and the TD constructs that room and distributes the link to the players to use.
  • When you join an event you can give yourself whatever name you like, but if the TD doesn't like it or recognise it, you might get thrown out.
  • Realbridge and some of the clubs using it, and the EBU occasionally, offer trial sessions which allow "visitors" to try out the facilities and see what they are like.
  • Realbridge has a kibitzing capability ( but only specific prestige events allow kibitzing.
  • There is no results service on Realdbridge yet - tournament organisers do get all the detailed results but they must display them elsewhere, eg the clubs website.

Later points

  • RealBridge will not run on old IPADs, and my one attempt on an Android Tablet failed.
  • If you have any more experiences to report that could be helpful for others, please let me know (

This is awarded annually to whoever collects the greatest number of Master Points on Monday evenings, in the September to August year.  Those who have played in the top County team (Dawes or Tollemache) in the past three years are not eligible. The trophy was given to the County by Jamie Paterson, Geoffrey's son in 2011. 

Winners in the past have been

  • 2011 : Anne Swannell ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2012 : Tony Letts ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2013 : Paul Lilley ahead of Wendy Angseesing
  • 2014 : Anne Swannell ahead of Richard Harris
  • 2015 : Wendy Angseesing ahead of Lesley Harrison
  • 2016 : Martin McWilliam ahead of Paul Lilley
  • 2017 : Ashok Kwatra ahead of Peter Swales
  • 2018 : Roger Schofield ahead of Tony Letts
  • 2019 : Mike Wignall ahead of Ashok Kwatra

Email to Tournament Director (


Plan for the 16 Mondays we have before Christmas : we will start always at 1930 to allow those in the Lockdown League to finish their match and aim for a 2.5 hours session so people don't sit still for too long.

  • FIRST MONDAY of the month : we run as Swiss Teams using the BBO capability for that, which lets everyone play the same boards at the same time. 
  • SECOND MONDAY of the month : we run as a Pairs League (with cross imp scoring in your section) like the CBC Pairs League BUT WITH DIVISIONS OF FOUR PAIRS (best I can do on BBO), and promotion/relegation after every session. 
  • THIRD MONDAY of the month : we will run the County League in the same way we always have. We will have one 24 board match on the evening, played in two sets of 12-boards with a change of opponents at half time. 
  • FOURTH MONDAY of the month : will be the next Pairs League
  • FIFTH MONDAY of the month : will be another League Monday.

We will continue to run

  • ONLINE SWISS TEAMS (webpage) : now in its fourth incarnation, six matches one a week : new entries must email to
  • ONLINE 9-HIGH SWISS PAIRS (webpage) : now in its third incarnation, six matches, one a week : new entries must email to
  • CLEVERLY TEAMS LEAGUE (webpage) : this is proceeding online and there are 23 teams this year, organised into a First Division of eight teams, and the remaining 15 teams playing in a Swiss Teams format for sevond rounds - one match per month.


  • Learners' Duplicate : this will be weekly on a Friday evening - and is for those who are having or just out of lessons, and will include a commentary on the hands afterwards.
  • County Knock Out : we will organise this for online play, starting in October.