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The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click: GCBA Newsletter Sep19.pdf

Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.

The new season's printed calendar can now be colllected from Cheltenham Bridge Club


12 Nov 19 : next training day postponed (from 14 Dec) until 4 Jan 2020

08 Nov 19 : minutes of the November committee meeting

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

18 Oct 19 : latest newsletter - Oct/Nov 2019 

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have been published.

Laws & Regulations
Alerts & Announcements

We need to remember that these are aids to obtaining full disclosure (ie, you know as much about your opponnents system as they do) but that they are not the only means to that end.  Carrying and exchanging convention cards is another approach.  It is our duty when playing to ensure that the opposition are not disadvantaged by lack of disclosure.  To avoid giving unauthorised information to partner, we can only volunteer information - outside of the above mechanisms - once partner is no longer involved.  We should automatically do this as dummy or as declarer before the opening lead is faced, but if defneding we are only allowed to do it at the end of the hand.   In that last case, if declarer has been disadvantaged then the Director must be called and (s)he will retore equity.

In comcmon situations, failures to alert to the right time or alerting when not necessary do very little damage to the game.  We must therefore be gentl with newcomers to Duplicate Bridge when they stumble on these.

A short reminder on announcements is available by click here,  and the more complete EBU version is available from click here.


New Laws of Bridge 2017

Copies of the WBU version of the 2017 Laws (spiral bound and clear acetate covers) can be obtained via the WBU web site, or from Fleming Bridge Supplies.  Cost for individual copies is cheaper than the EBU book, and the WBU will do a discount if a bulk order is put in.

A summary of the rule changes prepared by Patrick - click here.  A more detailed list created by Tony Haworth - click here.

A new editiion of the Laws will come into force at the start of August across England.  The changes are not radical; many of the changes are clarifications of current practice and the general thrusts of the Laws remain (a) to reach a meaningful bridge result as often as possible, and (b) to restore equity, rather than to punish.   Briefings on the rule changes were given before the bridge game at Stroud, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury in AUgust 2017 (and can be repeated on request - if your club wishes to host such a session please ask Patrick).

Changes to the Blue Book, Aug 2017

Key changes

  • Announcing a short club : if the opener could include a five card suit outside clubs, you must expand the announcement to say “May be 2 and may have another 5 card suit”


  • Definition of “strong” : now is either 16+hcp or 12+hcp with at least 5 controls (A=2,K=1).   Eight totally unambiguous playing tricks does not count as strong, and needs to be described for what it is.  Your agreement on opening Benji 2C/2D needs to conform to this new standard definition of strong.

Poster with the above - click here.