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The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click: GCBA Newsletter Sep19.pdf

Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.

The new season's printed calendar can now be colllected from Cheltenham Bridge Club


16 Oct 19 : minutes of the October committee meeting

18 Oct 19 : latest newsletter - Oct/Nov 2019 

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have been published,

Monday Night Pairs Events
Autumn Pairs 2019

This is a 5-session pairs event, running on the second Monday of each month from September 2019 until December 2019 (inclusive) plus 4th Monday in December

We will have two winning pairs - emerging from running this event off scratch and off handicap, with the handicap differences being half the NGS differences between the pairs. 

The scoring method for the series will be : average of your best 4 percentage scores. You can turn up as often as you like, but the more times you turn up the better for your score for the series.

Winter Swiss Pairs 2020

This is a 3-session event, taking place in January and February 2020

This is a Swiss Pairs event, with assignments based on the running score.  Rematches will be avoided except that for the penultimate and the final match, playing against a pair you played in a previous session will be allowed.

Spring Swiss Pairs 2020

This is a 3-session event, taking place in March and April 2020

Single Session Mondays 2019 - 20
  • Ladies & Mens Pairs : September 23rd 2019 :  Single session events with the obvious restrictions.  No prior notice needed - just turn up.
  • Mixed Pairs : November 25th 2019 :  Single session event with the obvious restrictions. No prior notice needed - just turn up.
  • County Pairs Qualifying : January 27th 2020 : Single session event. No prior notice needed - just turn up.  You are allowed to play in this and other heats of County Pairs - as many as you like, and even with different partners. The top half of the field (rounded up, and including ties, but with no substitutes if pairs drop out) will qualify for the final. 
  • IndividualMay 11th 2020 : Single session and it's nice to know who is coming but you can just turn up on the day.  We aim to have stand-bys to make up full tables.
(Bank Holiday and) Summer Pairs 2020

There are 7 Mondays designated as Summer Pairs during May, June, July and August 2020.  Together with the three Bank Holiday Mondays Pairs (the first of which is Easter Monday, which are run by CBC) the set of 10 games are a series of matchpoint competitions in which everyone competes as an individual.  Your average percentage over your best 6 sessions is used to give you a series score. Only your best score with any particular partner counts.