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 The Calendar now runs to the end of September 2020.

 Card deals using our card dealing machine take place at 6:30pm.  All members are welcome to attend at that time to witness card deals in support of open and honest play.

Etiquette at GBC
Good Manners at GBC

Bridge is an enjoyable game but it can occasionally be affected by thoughtless behaviour for whatever reason. This guide describes how we would like Bridge to be played at Gloucester Bridge Club so that everyone can enjoy their game.


Before play

 Arrive in good time – 18:50 latest for 19:00 start

 Ensure your convention card is filled out and available to opponents

 Listen to what is said by the Director and comply with their requests.


At the beginning of a round 

♠ Greet your opponents in a courteous and friendly manner

♠ Stop discussing previous hands etc. that are irrelevant to your opponents.


During the play

 Answer any questions about your convention card fully

 Make no comments or gestures which might constitute Unauthorised Information or affect players’ decisions.



♣ Cherish your partner - the only person at the table who is on your side

♣ Give credit when opponents have bid or played well

♣ Never criticise your partner or opponents at the table or in public

♣ Do not offer advice unless you are asked for your opinion

♣ Do not gloat over good results

♣ Remember – embarrassing or impolite remarks give discomfort to others

♣ Keep post-mortems quiet so you don’t give clues to other players.


Calling the Director

 If you need to call the Director, do so in a pleasant and non-threatening manner

 If your opponents call the Director, do not object or take offence

 Do not argue about the Director’s ruling.  If you wish to appeal, announce this in a calm and pleasant manner.


Slow play

♠ Try not to hold up the session with slow play. If you do fall behind for whatever reason, it is incumbent upon you to make up time.  Persistent slow play will be penalised.


At the end of a round

 Thank your opponents or make a friendly parting comment.


At the end of the evening

♣ Please close your bidding boxes and assist with the tidying up.