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 The Calendar now runs to the end of September 2020.

 Card deals using our card dealing machine take place at 6:30pm.  All members are welcome to attend at that time to witness card deals in support of open and honest play.

Welcome to Gloucester Bridge Club
Vowles 2019-20 Season

Vowles: The new season starts on 17th October. Please talk to your colleagues to see if you can raise a team.

News 27/9/19
News 27/9/19

Congratulations to John S. for winning the closest ever Summer Pairs with 61%. Rahim and Phil were also above 60%. Details and further results via "Competitions - Internal".

Home Page
Home Page

♣  Welcome to the Gloucester Bridge Club Web site. We are a long-established club, affiliated to the English Bridge Union who meet at 7 o’clock on Thursday evenings, in the Elmscroft Community Centre in Coronation Grove, Barnwood, Gloucester.♣  

 Visitors are most welcome (see our drop in policy (right)). 

 We use machine-dealt hands for our programme of Duplicate Bridge (pairs and teams).  Hand records and results are published on this website, usually within an hour of finishing.  

♠  We also compete in other Gloucestershire and in national competitions, including simultaneous pairs events. ♠  

Please phone the Secretary if you want to confirm any programmed event.


Please feel free to contact any of the under-mentioned, if you wish to find out any more about Gloucester Bridge Club. 

Chair Enid Castle 01452 712946
Secretary Phil Rattenbury 07706 047319






Drop In Policy
Drop In Policy

  Visitors: We will always* aim to provide a partner for anyone who turns up, so please do come along even if you don't have a partner.  
♣ Members: If you don't have a partner arranged, please just turn up* and take pot-luck. ♣ 

*Except for Vowles teams (see Calendar) - please contact us for these sessions.  

24th October 2019
Ladies' & Men's Cups
Elmscroft Community Centre 19:00
31st October 2019
Johnson & Jubilee Cup 2
Elmscroft Community Centre 19:00
7th November 2019
Johnson & Jubilee Cup 3
Elmscroft Community Centre 19:00
Vowles Cup & Salver 1 (Teams)
Scorer: Tom Rowland
Prize on the Night 1
Director: Phil
Scorer: Si
Johnson & Jubilee Cup 1
Director: Phil
Scorer: Si