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GBC/BBO Tournaments

Welcome to Glasgow Bridge Centre
Club Closure

The Glasgow Bridge Centre premises remain closed until further notice.


The 20-21 membership subs are now due.

The cost is £50 for Home members and £40 for Away members.

The bank details can be found in the "Members Only" section of the website under the tab "messages".

 If you would like to become a member please complete this form 


Bridge has become a "life saver" for so many people during lockdown, and we know that many people who haven't played before would like to take up this fascinating game now. Looking forward to the winter months in possible lockdown scenarios is not fun but by learning to play bridge we can assure you that it is all too easy to while away many pleasant hours with friends old and new. 

Despite COVID issues the GBC is delighted to offer Bridge lessons for both Beginners and Intemediate (Year 3) players.

All lessons will start in the week beginning 28th September. 

Beginners' lessons will be held on both Monday afternoons 1pm and Thursday evenings 7pm,  so you can choose the session that's most convenient to you. Please reply to let us know which session suits you best.

The format of the Beginners' class has changed from previous years. The GBC have invested in a new condenced course which consists of 40 lessons over 2 years, with more emphasis on playing hands. People who started lessons last year will benefit from this class, as will people who are completely new to Bridge. We believe everyone will find the lessons both informative and enjoyable.

Intermediate lessons will continue as previously on Thursday afternoons at 130pm and we would encourage everyone who was playing in the "Play & Learn" to join these lessons which will enable you to progress with your play to a more advanced stage.In order to play you will need access to either a computer or tablet.

All lessons will take place through a combination of ZOOM and an app or website called BBODon't be frightened by this. Our friendly volunteers will be happy to assist you in downloading the programs and talking you through any issues/questions/problems you may have. If necessary, providing you don't live too far away from one of our members, we can even visit you and help you get started, once home visits are allowed.

As soon as you confirm that you wish to proceed by contacting The Secretary with your name, email address, contact telephone number, and BBO username if you have one, we will be in touch to explain what you have to do in preparation for the lessons. If you are a Beginner, please also state your preferred time. 

The lessons will cost £80 for each block of 10.

Remember to spread the word and tell your friends.

GBC Bridgebase Tournaments

The GBC has Tournaments on BBO every day Monday to Friday.

Monday evening          6.30pm

Tuesday afternoon      1.30pm

Wednesday afternoon 1.30pm

Friday afternoon          1.30pm

Members and Non members, who have to play with a member, will be charged $2.50 

PLAY AND LEARN WILL BE ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON AT 1.30pm.  Members and Non members are welcome and will be charged BBO$3

More information can be accessed from the Bridgebase Tornaments section or by contacting Robert Clow. There are Instructions for how to join a BBO tournament in that section. Also information on buying BBO$ and a list of members' BBO usernames.

Results will be published on the website

Instructions on how to use the How to Find a Partner facility can be found on the left hand side under the BBO section heading. If someone is looking for a partner Partner? shows up on the calander on the right hand side of the website.

Adding your BBO username to Mempad and other useful BBO information

The SBU has now introduced a facility to tie in your SBU number to online platforms including BBO. See SBU Instructions foe adding your BBO username to mempad

Read these useful articles by Paul Gibson. 

More BBO Tournament Help and Advice from Robert 

Also remember to click on the BBO Tournament links on the left hand side 

When all else fails search  "BBO + your question" and you will probably be directed to a YOU TUBE video that explains your issue!


Buy BBO$ here

Click here to buy BBO$ direct from the BBO website.

Glasgow Bridge Centre
Glasgow Bridge Centre

The Glasgow Bridge Centre enjoys a reputation as one of the finest bridge clubs in Scotland – let alone Glasgow.

Players of all abilities come to enjoy their bridge at evening and afternoon tournaments throughout the week.  The club – located in the Shawlands area of Glasgow – also runs a comprehensive bridge teaching programme for would-be Zia Mahmoods!

Formed in 1983, the GBC has a proud history.  Over the years, celebrated Scottish internationalists including Willie Coyle, Sam Leckie, Victor Goldberg, and Morag Malcolm have all played at our club.

Indeed Zia himself has graced the green baize here as guest of honour during one of his visits to Scotland.

Albert Benjamin, inventor of the world-famous 'Benji Acol' bidding system, also played a vital role in the club's history.  It was he who founded the Kenmure Club – a great Glasgow bridge institution which joined forces with the St Mungo Club to create GBC.  An atmospheric photograph of the great man  (did everyone smoke in those days?) hangs inside the front door of our premises at 1055 Pollokshaws Road – close to Queens Park.

For more than 50 years, we have continued to promote all that's good about bridge, encouraging high standards of play and fierce but friendly rivalry in the battle of the cards.  The Glasgow club's facilities include all the usual modern aids – Bridgemates, TV screens and a dedicated email system to announce members' results from club competitions.  Hot drinks and snacks are also available.

Our thriving membership includes many of Glasgow's top players.  If you would like to visit for a game, please do.  You're assured of a warm welcome at the club, which meets on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, along with our regular Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon tournaments.

Come and join us! Email The Secretary for more information.

General Procedures & Etiquette
  • ​​​​DO make your opening lead face down and do so before filling in your score card or operating the Bridgemate (it saves time!).
  • DO call the TD when something goes wrong.
  • DO keep your eye on the timer if displayed and try to keep to time.
  • DO make sure your cards are returned to the board in the correct slot.
  • DO leave your bidding cards on the table until the Opening Lead is faced.
  • DON’T ask questions about the bidding after the auction until your partner has the opening lead face down on the table.
  • DON’T pick up your cards and return to the board until everybody at the table agrees the result.
  • DON’T pressure your opponents into accepting your interpretation of the rules (call the TD).
  • DON’T make comments about the opponents bidding or play (unless invited).
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