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19th May 2020 11:50 BST
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General Information

Welcome to this web site. This website has information about the Greystones Bridge Centre in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland.

The Centre hosts six affiliated and two non-affiliated clubs, so that there is  wide variety of bridge available to suit all tastes and requirements.


BBO Competitions for Members

Free Pairs tournaments at 2:05pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 12 boards - finish at 3:40pm

Paying (3 BBO$) Pairs tournaments at 7:50pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 18 boards - finish at 10:15pm

To play in one of our tournament: 

  • Email your BBO username to our membership secretary, June Byrne ( - you only need to do this once
    We only allow members with a BBO username to play in our tournaments.
    The list of eligible members is listed on our website in the Members Only section and is updated daily between 10am and 12 noon.
  • Register for the tournament on BBO - registration is open from 2 hours before the tournament start time until shortly before the start time
    Both you and your partner must be online and in the Competitive section of the BBO website to register
  • Be ready to play a few minutes before the start time.
    Both you and your partner must be online and in the Competitive section of the BBO website when the tournament starts, otherwise the tournament will start without you
  • The results are available on the Results page on our website and on BBO

Want to get started?  BBO Beginners Guide to Online Bridge with BBO.pdf

Please read the guidelines for members playing in our competitions BBO Rules - Greystones Bridge Centre

Where are you? BBO Are you in the Glenview when you should be at the Bridge Centre?

Getting started with Online Bridge

There are a several web sites where you can play bridge online.

There largest and best-known site is Bridge Base Online (BBO) which has thousands of tables at any one time. As you can imagine, the number playing online has soared over the last few months with over 50,000 regularly playing each evening.

It is free to sign up and play on BBO but there are certain limitations and constraints on how and when you can play. However, you can play on your own, with a partner, at a table of four with your friends or even setup and play a Team of 4 match with two tables. There are multiple tournaments and challenges to play in - some free, some paying. Be prepared for some rudeness at times - as in all things in cyberspace, the anonymity and lack of a physical presence seems to bring out the worst in some people.

Greystones Bridge Centre is setting up a Virtual Bridge Club on BBO and will be running online tournaments with participation limited to members of the Greystones Bridge Centre - so you can play with familiar faces and in a friendly environment.

This guide will help you get started--->  Get started with Online Bridge with BBO

There are many online guides on using BBO. Paul Gibson has a set of short videos on YouTube that are excellent. Each video lasts from 0:47 seconds up to 7:47 but most are only 2 or 3 minutes. They cover all aspects of playing bridge on BBO. If you watch some of these you will quickly become an expert on BBO and astonish your friends and, who knows, maybe even pass some hints on to them. Access his videos here --> Paul Gibson on YouTube

The tournaments that the Bridge Centre will run will have table money of around € 3. This is one of the constrains imposed by BBO when you create a virtual club. Half of this is a fee charged by BBO for hosting the tournament and half will be paid back to the Bridge Centre. This will help the Bridge Centre finances which have been affected by the shutdown of the Bridge Centre. Virtual club tournaments such as ours, have priority over other free tournaments organised on BBO and offer a better quality of connection and performance.

BBO uses a virtual wallet to collect the table money. After you sign in, you can deposit money in your wallet so that it is available when you sign in to play in a tournament. You pay the deposit using your credit card or PayPal account. The minimum deposit is 20 BBO$ which costs around € 19 and which will allow you to play in six tournaments. You can top up your wallet at any time. Table money is 3 BBO$ or a little under € 3

WARNING: Purchasing BBO $ using your phone or iPad can be a lot more expensive than purchasing on a laptop or desktop 

The time, format and duration of our online competitions will depend on the demand from you, our members. So please make your preferences known to the Centre by whatever means you prefer - an email to is our preferred method but a telephone call, WhatsApp message or letter will do fine as well. The results of the competitions will be available on our website - if we run competitions for specific clubs within the Bridge Centre, then the results can also be posted on the club website

Details of our competitions will be posted here - so be sure to come back regularly and check them out.

So while you wait for our tournaments to get going - have a look around BBO and invite 3 friends to make up a table!

To access BBO, click here


Bridge Centre Closed

In line with Government restrictions, the Greystones Bridge Centre is closed further notice.

If you need further information, please contact us by email at


Objectives of the Bridge Centre
Objectives of the Bridge Centre

The main objectives of the Greystones Bridge Centre are

  • to carry on the business of organising and running of bridge clubs in the Centre
  • to advertise and promote these clubs and the playing of bridge in the community
GBC Thursday afternoon
Director: Pascale Wolfe
GBC Wednesday afternoon
Director: Ronan Nolan
GBC Wednesday evening
Director: John Royds
29th May 2020
GBC Friday evening
BBO 19:50
Register online from 17:50 - 19:50 Table money BBO$ 3
Director: Beryl Dunne
Members Only

Members of the Greystones Bridge Centre can view their data held by the Bridge Centre by clicking on the Member Only button below.

You will be asked to login using your email address, your name or your CBAI number and a password.

If this is the first time you login, then you can set your password by clicking on the Set/Reset password button on the login page.