Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Hall of Fame 2018/2019
Hall of Fame 2018/2019

Drogheda Congress

Gala Pairs

2nd:Deirdre Daly & Sinead Kennedy

Best A:Brenda Walker & May Coyle

Best Local:Pauline Corry & Eileen Kelly

Best Regional:Doreene & Partner

Mixed Pairs

2nd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Best Local:Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid

Best A:Francie Whelan & Deirdre Smyth

Confined Pairs

Best Regional:Liam Culligan & Mary Delaney

Best Local:Brendan Byrne & Partner

1st Session:Niamh Dolan & Partner

A Pairs

Best Regional:Deirdre Daly & Sinead Kennedy

Best Local:Dave & Marion Doherty

B Pairs

Best Local:Anne Walsh & Bridie Durnin

Congress Pairs

Best Regional:Sean & Frances Newcomen

Best Local:Mary O'Gorman & Brianne McHugh

A Teams

Winners:Dave & Marion Doherty & Partners

2nd:Brenda Walker, May Coyle, Pamela MacMahon, Deirdre Smyth

Best Regional:Francie Whelan, Heather Rees, Dolores Munster & Partner

Congress Teams

Best Regional:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Fr Doris Cup

Winner:Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid

2nd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

N I B U Congress Pairs.

Winners:Christy Tierney, Deirdre Reid & Partners

Gallagher Cup

Winners:Tom Lawlor, Francis Bellew, Mary O'Gorman & Paddy Bonner 

2nd:Pat O'Halloran, Dave Doherty, Deirdre Smyth & Brenda Walker

3rd:Pamela MacMahon, Bernie Byrne, Eileen Kelly & Helen Williams

Best A:Cathrina Bellew, Deirdre Russell, Laura Burke & Mai Byrne

Tom Sheridan Trophy

3rd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Best A:Pamela MacMahon & Bernie Byrne

1st Session:Frank Davey & Paddy Bonner

Pat Taffe Trophy

4th:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Frank Kerr Trophy

3rd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Dundalk Congress

Mixed Pairs

3rd:Liam & Bernie O'Reilly

A Pairs

Winners of the 2nd Session:Martin J O'Brien & Mary Moriarty

B Pairs

2nd:Cathal & Ruth Kelly

Congress Teams

2nd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand & Partners 

Donegal Congress

Mixed Pairs

3rd:Tom Lawlor & Partner

A Pairs

3rd:Paul Brennan & Martin T O'Brien

Session Prize:Dave & Marion Doherty

Regional Master Pairs

Mc Ardle Cup

Winners: Tom Lawlor & Mary O'Gorman

3rd: Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Joe Brown Memorial Perpetual Cup

Winners:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

2nd:Frank Davey & Mary O'Gorman

3rd:Brendan Byrne & Partner

Heron Trophy

Best A: Pamala MacMahon & Bernie Byrne 

Best B:Cathal & Ruth Kelly

Tralee Congress

2nd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand 

Kilkenny Congress

Congress Pairs

Area Masters Prize

Liam & Bernie O'Reilly

Regional IntermediateTeams

Winners: Martin T O'Brien, Paul Brennan, Mary Moriarty and Martin J O'Brien

3rd:Pamala MacMahon & Bernie Byrne

Regional MastersTeams

Winners:Sean & Frances Newcomen & Partners

Rose Bowl Competition 2019

Winners:Liam Culligan, Mary Delaney, Liam & Bernie O'Reilly

CBAI National Teams

3rd:Frank Davey, Tom Lawlor, Sean Newcomen & Partner

CBAI National Men's Pairs

3rd:Patsy Gibney & Partner

McQuillan Cup

1st:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Best Club:Frank Davey & Heather Kilkelly

Best A:Deirdre Smyth & Pamela MacMahon

2nd:Sean & Frances Newcomen

John Lane Trophy

2nd Session Winners: Francie Whelan & Pamela MacMahon 

Presidents Prize

Winners:Frank & Eileen Davey

2nd:Francis Whelan & Pamela MacMahon

3rd:Tom Curren & Mary Madden

4th:Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid

5th:Tony Harty & Deirdre Smyth

6th:Brianne McHugh & Mary O'Gorman

1st Session:Dave & Marion Doherty

2nd Session:Tom & Daphne Hartford

B / Novice Presidents Prize

Winners:Anne McAuley & Isobel Winters

Intermediate Congress 2019

Winners:Martin O'Brien & Paul Brennan

Session Prize:Heather Kilkelly & Partner

Cuchulain Cup

3rd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Clarke Cup

Winners:Patsy Gibney, Maura Hand, Francie Whelan & Mai Healy

Pairs Competition

Winners:Liam & Bernie O'Reilly

2nd: Tony & Sinead Reilly

3rd:Martin T O'Brien & Paul Brennan

4th:Tom Lawlor & Frances Bellew

5th:Paddy Bonner & Mary O'Gorman

6th:Tom Curren & Mary Madden

Best A:Brenda Walker & May Coyle

1st Session: Francie Whelan & Deirdre Smyth

2nd Session:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

Sheila Mullen Cup

Winners:Martin T O'Brien & Paul Brennan

Regional Mens Pairs Des Scully Cup 

Winners:Frank Davey & Sean Newcomen

Regional Ladies Pairs

2nd:Sinead Kennedy & Deirdre Daly

Best Intermediate:Marion Doherty & Partner

Noel Grimes Cup

Winners:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

3rd:Frank Davey & Paddy Bonner

Best A:Francie Whelan & Pamela MacMahon

Lough Ramor Cup

Winners:Frank & Eileen Davey

2nd:Brendan Byrne & Partner

Cooper Cup Confined Masters National Teams

Winners:Frank & Eileen Davey, Brendan Byrne & Partner

Willie Berrill Cup

2nd:Patsy Gibney & Maura Hand

3rd:Tom Curren & Mary Madden

Best Club:Paddy Bonner & Mary O'Gorman

1st Session:Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid

National Intermediate A Teams

3rd:Martin T O'Brien, Paul Brennan, Martin J O'Brien & Mary Moriarty

Kells Cup

2nd:Tom Lawlor & Partner

Frank Murphy Cup

Joint Winners:Pat O'Halloran & Deirdre Smyth

3rd:Tony Harty

4th:Brenda Walker

Danish Cup

Winner:Patsy Gibney

2nd:Philina Dowd

3rd:Frances Bellew

4th:Peter Byrne


Winners:Bernie Byrne & Vonnie McGovern

Second:Bernie O'Reilly & Michael Spillane

Third:Eileen Kelly & Bridie Durnan

Fourth:Liam O'Reilly & Angela Everitt

Best Mens:Paddy Bonner & Pearse Coyle

Best Ladies:Brenda Walker & Pamela MacMahon

Best Mixed:Martin O'Brien & Sylvia Mc Cann 

Lucky 13:Mary O'Gorman & Olive Murdock