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BridgeBase Online BBO

How to play with us online

Go to


To find our GARDENVALE vABF3320 tournaments:

login to BBO

On the home page click on Competitive then click on All Tournaments

Use the search function or scroll down to the vABF3320 tournament or look for GARDENVALE

Click to open the tournament registration.

Type in your partner's name then click invite (note your partner must be online in BBO for registration to be successful).

Make sure both you and your partner are online before the tournament start time (have a casual game while you are waiting).

Our green point tournaments cost BB$3 (about $4 AU). Our RED POINT tournament on Saturday Afternoon costs BB $5.

Paying for Online Bridge - Buying BB$
Paying for Online Bridge - Buying BB$

Purchase Bridge Base bucks by clicking the   button at the top right of your screen or using the shop button.

It is cheaper to purchase BB$ via the BridgeBaseOnline website rather than through the Apple Store using an Iphone or Ipad.


Good luck & good play.

BridgeBase Online Tournament Schedule
            Day / Time                Boards            Masterpoints             Cost     
Saturday 1pm - 3:30pm 24 RED $5 BBO
Monday  10am - 12pm 20 GREEN $3 BBO
Monday  7pm - 9pm 20 GREEN $3 BBO
Tuesday 1pm - 3pm 20 GREEN $3 BBO
Thursday  10am - 12pm 20 GREEN $3 BBO
Friday  10am - 12pm 20 GREEN $3 BBO

To play in Tournaments CLICK HERE to purchase $BBO

BridgeBase Online Learning Resources

Learning how to use BridgeBase Online (BBO)

If you haven’t played on BBO before these videos will help:

Getting Started:

Registering your BBO accountclick here

BBO home screen: click here

Join or create a table: click here

Bidding and alerting: click here

Finding Friends and Chatting: click here

Chatting, undoing and claiming: click here

Joining a Game:

Join or create a tableclick here

Creating a set game with friends: click here

Closing or Leaving a Table: click here

Entering a Tournament:

Pairs tournament registration on BBO: click here
To find our paid tournaments on the Home Screen select:  

Checking results of a tournament or team match on BBO: click here

To Play a paid tournament you will need to buy $BBO: CLICK HERE to purchase $BBO

Joining a Teaching Table:

Joining a teaching table and enabling voice: click here


Written Guides to Getting Started:

Setting up your BBO account: click here

Guide for new players: click here


We look forward to seeing you online.