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Remember to uphold ACBL's Zero Tolerance policy.


If you need a partner for our duplicate bridge games, contact Beth Paul at 503-709-9416

Welcome to Gainesville Bridge Club
Cold and Flu Season
Cold and Flu Season

Be healthy everyone! And be courteous at our Bridge games. The holidays bring travel and travel brings exposure to germs. Keep your germs away from the bridge table. Even if you have to cancel a game, we all appreciate any effort to confine contagions. Remember, stay home if you are sick!

ACBL on Hesitations

Hesitations that have no bridge purpose are not appropriate.  Report Violations to the director as soon as this occurs!!

If you are a defender, you are obligated to play in tempo unless either (a) you have a bridge problem requiring thought or (b) it is trick one, and you are to the left of dummy, where you are permitted to plan your defense.  If it happens that you hesitate due to a non-bridge issue, you must say something like “Sorry, no problem”.

Please report any violation of this ACBL policy to the recorder at, and let him know the circumstances (Date, Board, players, and description).

ACBL Law 73E States:

E.  Deception 

1.  A player may appropriately attempt to deceive an opponent through a call or play (so long as the deception is not emphasized by unwonted [unusual] haste or hesitancy, nor protected by concealed partnership understanding or experience). 

2.  If the Director determines that an innocent player has drawn a false inference from a question, remark, manner, tempo or the like, of an opponent who has no demonstrable bridge reason for the action, and who could have been aware, at the time of the action, that it could work to his benefit, the Director shall award an adjusted score.

Future:  Please play in tempo when you have no bridge problem.  At trick 1, if you are on dummy’s left, you may plan out your defense so this does not apply to trick 1.   

Jon Shuster, Recorder

GBC Christmas Party


Oak Hammock- WEDNESDAY December 11,2019

Cash Bar: 6:00
Buffet Dinner: 6:30
Bridge Game: 7:15 STaC
Dinner: $20 for members
$25 for guests
Game: $5 Pay at Game time

See Mary Ann to make your reservation and payment.

Final payment due by Nov. 25, 2019


Changes In Rank

Congratulations to Gainesville Bridge Players who advanced in rank in November:

NEW SECTIONAL MASTERS Christine H Stinson Gainesville FL


Upcoming Tournaments

This is a list of upcoming local sectional and regional tournaments.  Click on the word 'Info' to view the tournament's flyer.  Other tournament information can be found under the 'Useful Links' menu item.


Nov 22-24, 2019 The Villages FL Info
Dec 5-8, 2019 St. Petersburg FL No Flyer
Dec 6-8, 2019 St. Augustine FL Info
Jan 6-12, 2020      
Orlando FL Info
Jan 16-19, 2020 Daytona Beach FL Info
Jan 24-26, 2020 Jacksonville FL Info


GBC General Meeting

The minutes for the General Membership meeting of ♠October 14 2019 are linked here.

Questions or Problems?

Please send comments and suggestions to Joyce Thompson (

User Guide
User Guide

We have created a user guide to help you navigate around this web site.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for us to improve this document.

December 9, 2019
Unit 128 STaC
Director: Eric Taylor
Charity Game
Director: Mary A McIntyre
Charity Game for Oak Hammock
Director: Patrick Thompson