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Previous slams of the week

This is a hand from the 9th April.

Playing 5 Card Majors and a Weak No Trump.

North opens 1♠  and with a strong hand 4 card support and 17 HCP South responded 2 to keep the bidding open. 

North then bids 3D and south uses Roman Key Card Blackwood (4NT) North responds showing 2 key cards and the queen of trumps (Assuming  as trumps) 5♠ .

South then bids the slam knowing some of his diamond losers are covered by his partners good diamonds.


Last updated : 9th Aug 2019 08:48 BST

This slam was bid and made by two pairs, the bidding shown above was the system used by the winners, it’s more scientific than the other pair who just blasted 1NT - 6NT. Whereas the winners used creeping Gerber. 4♣  is asking partner for aces and the 4 response shows 1 ace. the 4NT bid is the next available bid to ask for Kings (4♠ would be a sign off to play in 4♠) 5 shows 2 kings and then knowing 3 aces and 4 kings were held they could bid 6NT.


Last updated : 9th Aug 2019 08:50 BST

The latest slam of the week was bid Thursday 9th May. The only pair to bid it.

1NT opening, playing a strong No Trump and the 2 is a transfer to spades, 4NT is then Roman Key Card Blackwood (30/14) and the 5♣ bid shows either 0 or 3 key cards. As they have a maximum of 11 high card points missing, the odds are against the 5♣ is zero key cards. So they could confidently bid the slam.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2019 08:50 BST

Only one pair bid this slam, East opened 2♣ which is their only strong bid and a game force, West made a positive 2  response and East showed their spades and West supported to 4♠. East then used Roman Key Card Blackwood(14/30) to find partner with one ace knowing that could bid the slam.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2019 08:51 BST

A slam from Friday night, the bidding was made difficult because West opened a weak two in Hearts, this was overcalled by North and when supported by South used Roman Key Card Blackwood (1430), maybe hoping for a grand slam, to find the excellent slam in Spades. 

Last updated : 9th Aug 2019 08:56 BST